Casper van Leeuwen

Executive Partner in Satriun Group

Casper has extensive experience with planning and control, financial consolidation and corporate finance. His area of expertise is designing and implementing financial performance management models that integrate income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement for both management information and IFRS requirements.

He worked at the corporate center of a number of large corporations for 12 years prior to co-founding Satriun Group. Casper has both a Bachelor in Finance & Accounting as well as in Information & Communication Technology. In addition, he is a Qualified Controller of the Dutch Association of Managers.


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Why should CFOs Care about Digital Self-service Reporting?

How to make your financial storytelling faster, easier, personalized and intuitive: an experience from the field.

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5 Causes Of Cumbersome Corporate Reporting

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Design Thinking in Corporate Performance Management applications

Design Thinking is in large part a response to the increasing complexity of modern technology and modern business, and the challenge of having user interaction be simple, intuitive, and pleasurable.

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The Fine Art of Push Down

Many CFOs are looking for a faster and more value added reporting process. Faster access to relevant information enables the management team to take immediate corrective action where needed. Fast close projects generally focus on two mechanisms: more reliance on estimations in the month end close, and utilizing better technology to support the group reporting process.

Reporting & Compliance

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Get the Most Out of the Balance Sheet

Corporations are managed predominantly on the basis of the income statement. This claim is supported by the fact that target setting for budgets and forecasts is generally done on operating profit (or EBIT or EBITDA, if you like). It is in addition common practice to internally present the balance sheet according external reporting standards such as IFRS. This is not the most intuitive reporting layout; especially not for non-financial colleagues.

Performance Management Budgeting & Planning

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