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This week, I had the pleasure of being in Washington D.C. for Microsoft’s 11th annual Worldwide Partner Conference. I was one of the approximately 20,000 other attendees to learn more about Microsoft’s vision around the cloud, big data, mobility, and other topics important to today’s enterprises.  

We have always recognized the import role Microsoft plays in business productivity, which is why Tagetik has invested heavily in integrating with the Microsoft ecosystem. In fact, our seamless integration with Sharepoint, Office, BI, SQL Server, and other Microsoft offerings is a major selection factor for many of our customers.

For instance, Mario Bartolozzi, vice president of technology for LS Travel Retail North America, recently told us that compatibility with the company’s Microsoft architecture was a critical requirement for a CPM solution. He also recognized that Tagetik’s use of Excel as a front end was a big plus, since that meant he and his team wouldn’t need to train end users on a different interface.   

Some other Microsoft customers that have chosen Tagetik for CPM include: New Frontier Group, Timex Group, Wurth, Amerisure, Carillion, Towergate, and Axel Springer.  You’ll find case studies and news releases detailing these uses at  They all had a common goal – leverage and expand their use of Microsoft technologies in their organizations.

Among many other interesting points, I was excited to hear about the continued advancements and excitement around Azure. As companies decide on the cloud, it is comforting for them to know that with a Tagetik and Microsoft investment, they can deploy when it is right for them, and that the investment in the applications to date are not lost – just simply transferred over.

So, it was great to hear Microsoft’s plans for future technology advancements because I know they’ll bring new opportunities to add further value to our customers. 


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