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A smart way to reforecast your business, connect your team and accelerate your planning: CCH Tagetik Smart NOW

May. 20 2020 by Anthony Marzetti, VP, Product Management & Strategy at CCH® Tagetik - CCH Tagetik

Cloud Budgeting & Planning Strategic Planning

The core mission of CCH Tagetik is and has always been to help companies optimize their performance whatever the circumstances. And the situation today isn’t just any circumstances. Finance teams are facing a period of extreme volatility and have an immediate need for additional planning and forecasting models. We have a crisis, and the Office of Finance has to figure out how to guide the business out of the storm.

This prompted us to harness the power of our platform and develop ready to use apps, with the agility of the cloud, designed to support critical planning processes. We approached this challenge with a specific idea in mind: to create smart solutions to help all companies in this period of crisis without giving them the burden of taking on a full CPM project.

And here it is: CCH Tagetik Smart NOW, a package of five cloud planning apps to help finance departments assess impacts, play out scenarios to find an innovative route through the stress of the pandemic.

The five pre-packaged CCH Tagetik Smart NOW apps, available singularly or in any combination, were chosen following feedback from our customers and partners on how to respond to immediate needs of finance executives in this period.

The apps cover essential areas of the planning process impacted by the volatility of current market conditions: Workforce Planning, Capital Expense Planning, Cash Flow Planning, Risk Adjusted Planning and Driver Based Planning. They are all ready to go and easy to deploy, that’s because we want to help companies quickly take advantage of modern planning tools without having to wait for long implementation times.

Let's go into detail to better explain the benefits and capabilities of each CCH Tagetik Smart NOW cloud app:

  • Workforce Planning aligns employee information with financial and operational data. It lets you model what-ifs to view the wider impact of different HR options.
  • Capital Expense Planning is the smart tool to calculate and forecast depreciation of assets, see the impact down the line and ensure you control expenses.
  • Cash flow planning analyses the effect of business changes on cash flow – essential! It lets you model different scenarios and forecast their effect on cash and the balance sheet.
  • Risk Adjusted Planning evaluates exposure to risk events. It uses Monte Carlo simulations to identify, highlight and budget/plan for risk.
  • Driver Based Planning is designed to simulate sales, costs or project plans based on industry-specific drivers to determine the scenario with the most desirable outcome.

Of course this offer relies on CCH Tagetik’s ready-to-use on the cloud solution, which gives remote workers the seamless remote access to the collaboration tools they need. It offers the benefits of rapid deployment, availability, security, scalability, full support and reduced IT dependency. It is a high-performance, cost-effective solution with the ability to adapt rapidly to changing needs – it’s time is surely now.

Whether you are new to CCH Tagetik or a current customer, you can count on our expertise to help the Office of Finance make better decisions.

You need to reforecast your business, connect your team and accelerate your planning. CCH Tagetik Smart NOW is all about helping you get there. It’s about bringing the agility, real-time information access and collaborative ability which businesses need when workforces have been scattered to their homes with an urgency no-one could have predicted.

If you want to discover more, join our Webinar Series: CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Apps! To get a preview of each new app, select your time zone and register today to the webinars that interest you most. Check the events calendar here!

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