Alessio Lolli

Vice President and General Manager in CCH Tagetik North America

Alessio has over 10 years experience implementing and enhancing the CCH Tagetik solutions based on customer’s specific needs.  Alessio’s experience encompasses a wide range of activities including  helping the consulting team secure the best application design to meet customer’s specific requirements and helping the development team deliver best of breed functionality.

Alessio is now the Vice President and General Manager for CCH Tagetik North America. 


Don’t Panic over IFRS 17!

Discover more on new IFRS 17 requirements and why CCH Tagetik can be your best solution

Performance Management Reporting & Compliance

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Planning Done Right

A Holistic Approach to Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Budgeting & Planning Strategic Planning

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Do You Use Your Own Software? A Question You Should Ask Every Vendor

When using the software you make to work out the kinks allows to anticipate customer needs and stimulate a visionary perspective

Performance Management Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Predict the Future with a Rolling Approach to Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Benefits of using a flexible budget with rolling forecasts rather than the traditional annual budget

Performance Management Budgeting & Planning

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How to speed up your closing cycle: Part 2- Incorporate both Financial Consolidation and Disclosure Management

Anything we do in Finance we should ask, “Why?”. There is always plenty of work for the finance team so if we can’t answer why take on something more then we shouldn’t do it. So, why is it important to have a faster close?

Consolidation & Closing Disclosure Management

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How to speed up your closing cycle: Part 1- the importance of the pre-close

Let’s be honest, a close cycle can never be fast enough. Finance departments have had this as a goal for as long as there have been ledgers. And progress has been made, mainly though technological advances and the use of financial consolidation and reporting software. But over the past few years the cycles have begun to slow down again.

Consolidation & Closing

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