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Mar. 15 2019 by Alessio Lolli, Vice President and General Manager - CCH Tagetik North America

Performance Management

The cold temperatures of these past few months of winter wonderland have not stopped our Product Development Team! This time around as well, the newly released Winter Version of CCH Tagetik comes with many enhancements and additions that I am sure our global user population will enjoy.

Let’s take a look at the best ones to improve your CCH Tagetik experience:

Allocations: Our already robust and 100% script-free allocation functionality is used by many of our customers in utilities, telecommunications, financial services and manufacturing just to name a few, to perform detailed product and portfolio profitability analysis.

Updates to Allocations:

  • With this version, those same users can now leverage enhanced built-in functionality to support circular allocations.
  • A common headache for any Cost Accounting Manager, this situation occurs when the sender and the receiver pools interchangeably allocate to each other, resulting in the very common “circular reference” situation for all Excel users out there, or in hundreds of code lines for the most sophisticated users. 
  • Through real financial intelligence, CCH Tagetik users today can rely on a simple drop down box for threshold definition and our allocation engine will do the rest. No coding!

cch tagetik winter release

Ease of Use: Thanks to the very positive feedback we receive from our customer base and prospects about our point-and-click interface and rating us as the most modern CPM solution in the industry, User Experience is a top priority for our Product Owners. 

Updates to Ease of Use:

  • To simplify, we have released a number of intuitive utilities with this version such as a Metadata Recoding tool that allows users to change ID of any metadata element such as accounts, cost centers, entities, etc without having to worry about where that dimension is being used; our engine will take care of it!
  • Another good addition in this version is a familiar way to organize autonomous data processing in a schedulable job: through a graphical interface, users can now drag and drop their calculation logic in the form of a very intuitive workflow. No coding!

Analytic Information Hub: our very own financial accounting hub allows finance users to go beyond the traditional financial processes and tap into operational details for predictive modeling, analytical reporting, data normalization, regulatory requirement, and many more granular financial and non-financial data use cases was also subject to many improvements and useful additions in our Winter Release.

Updates to Analytic Information Hub:

  • We have extended our standard snapshot features for true versioning and what-if analysis on any analytical dataset.
  • Given our unlimited dimensionality, we have given the ability to assign dimensions to analytical workspaces so that a specific dataset in the Payroll workspace would not even be aware of any other dimension that is not strictly applicable to that workspace. 
  • We have extended our standard data entry features to multi-dimensional analytical input schedules with features like the “pool category” allowing users of different levels (contributors, reviewers, approvers) to apply their own changes on granular multi-dimensional inputs without affecting anyone else’s work.

As always, this quick intro only highlights a few of the many new features and enhanced functionality included in this release. I am sure however that you will be positively surprised when you log in today and start using your new winter version of CCH Tagetik!


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