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CCH Tagetik Fall 2018 Release Now Available!

Nov. 15 2018 by Alessio Lolli, Vice President and General Manager - CCH Tagetik North America

Performance Management

CCH Tagetik has been hard at work this fall improving the user experience with our award winning software. We’re pleased to win the BIG Award for Best Financial Management Solution for CCH Tagetik IFRS 17 Solution and the CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting (for ASC 842 & IFRS 16) Solution for a Golden Bridge Award for Innovations in Technology. These recent wins have spurred us on as we continually innovate our software for you today and the future!

In each release, we streamline the user experience and interface with more HTML 5 enhancements, improve performance to enable you to have more time for value-added tasks and enhance our functionality so you get more value out of our software. Below are my highlights of the release, please refer to the release notes for the full list and more information.

Finance Transformation Platform

Our new Finance Transformation Platform boosts your processes with the addition of more granular analytic data to provide a greater view of information across the organization, more agility in your processes and greater insights for quicker and more informed decision making. We’ve improved the usability and functionality of our Finance Transformation Platform:

  • For faster loading of your analytical data, we’ve added a new method to the existing ETL or quick data loader (QDL) with the data sources mapping. Now you have the ability to easily map a data source, from any file type and location, to a data set. Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality visually shows the mapping process and is a quick way to create data sets. With this new functionality, we put the data integration into the hands of finance!
  • Easily collect multi-dimensional data with our matrix wizard that has been extended to load analytical data. Now you can collect multi-dimensional financial and analytical data and nest multiple dimensions across our analytical or standard dimensions.

Improved Reporting

  • Improved usability of Collaborative Office as we are nearing completion of migrating all functionality over to HTML5. With this release, documents refresh in a faster, more efficient way with server-side updates and the we’ve added the ability to archive past versions of your documents.
  • Improved usability of Webforms 2.0 with improved performance for scrolling and switching between tabs and better rendering and support of Excel components (graphs, charts). Now the functionality in Webforms 2.0, the most advanced web client, behaves like your Excel favorites.

Improved Workflow and Process Enhancements

Lastly, we’re continually streamlining steps to allow administrators and power users to work faster:

  • Quickly Export Data to BI tools with our Data Export Service. The data export service is a new task, to be used instead of an ETL, that simplifies packaging data from CCH Tagetik for use in external BI Tools. 
  • Improved Consolidation speed and workflow with the grouping of all ownership structures into a task in the workflow. With these tasks in one location, Administrators and Power Users can quickly update the structures in the consolidation process. Please see the release notes for more consolidation improvements.
  • Speed up tasks/workflow for your users with enhanced user rights which restrict visibility to only those tasks and steps that they have access to.
  • Apply process/task deadlines quicker with the ability to assign deadlines to multiple entities and tasks at the same time. As well, you can shift process/tasks dates quickly with the ability to update the date overall and ripple through all the entities and tasks assigned to that process.

I hope you will enjoy all of these improvements and features as much as I do. Please refer to the release notes and do not hesitate to contact your CCH Tagetik representative for more details.

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