Summer Brings Beach Days and CCH Tagetik’s Summer Release

Sunny weather and tempting beach days have not slowed down the development team this quarter at CCH Tagetik. We’re pleased to announce the 2018 Summer release!

Our latest release takes another step forward in the delivery of our innovative Finance Transformation Platform and further enhances the experience for our global users.

With the Spring release, we introduced the financial and analytical layers of our unified platform. As a refresher, the financial layer refers to the typical CPM financial processes we are all used to, such as budgeting, planning and forecasting, close and consolidation, and internal and external reporting. The analytical layer introduced in the Spring extends those traditional financial applications to leverage analytical information for more data-driven and strategic decision making to help bridge the gap between finance and operations.


With this Summer release, we are introducing the Analytic Information Hub, a new offering built on the foundations of the analytical layer with its unlimited dimensionality, fast data processing, and scalability for massive amounts of data. The Analytic Information Hub is a finance-oriented data mart empowering the Office of the CFO to harness and govern very granular levels of information from disparate sources to meet the data-intensive needs and demands of finance and operations that go beyond traditional planning and analysis.

Without requiring a new installation or causing disruption to your existing processes, you can now further capitalize on your CCH Tagetik investment by tapping into our Analytic Information Hub to address your needs for:

  • Analytical multi-dimensional data collection and transformation packages: With this release, we have made building a multi-dimensional data set a snap! Simply create a new dimension on the fly and define the tabular structure of your dataset. Instantaneously run automatically generated data entry forms for your newly created dataset on the web or in Excel (depending on your preference) to start collecting data either manually or through our quick data loader functionality. Enhance your data collection experience with powerful data transformation rules to combine, refine and enrich your input data for better analysis and insights.
  • Distributed modeling with centralized data governance: Multi-business organizations can now meet the diverse needs of different operations or business units by allowing each to independently model their own requirements in a way that best represents their specific business. By enabling a centralized finance organization with complete control over data governance, problems such as data inconsistency and accuracy are avoided.
  • Heavy-duty profitability optimization and analysis: Going beyond traditional overhead distribution and transfer pricing, this release optimizes allocation capabilities for analysis such as detailed profitability at the individual customer or product level, cost assignment at the SKU level or any other profitability analysis requiring sophisticated allocation rules involving massive amounts of data.
  • Transactional regulatory requirements: Regulators around the world are demanding stringent data traceability dictating exactly how certain finance matters should be treated globally to increase transparency and comparability. Examples include lease accounting (ASC842/IFRS16) and insurance accounting (IFRS17), both of which require transactional processing at very granular levels (individual lease or cohort of insurance contracts). To efficiently comply with such requirements, finance organizations need a well-architected system capable of hosting and processing large volumes of granular data.

Innovation is not only about coming up with new ideas to do new things. It also includes finding better ways to do what we’re already doing. Continual improvement is always top of mind for our product management organization, and we’re nearing the completion of our project to revamp the entire user experience that we embarked on approximately 18 months ago. Following the very positive feedback we have received, this release focuses on a more modern, intuitive and smooth experience for administrators. The following are some of the major enhancements for our beloved power users:

  • Allocations engine: A guided and more interactive approach now allows admins and power users to set up their allocation rules leveraging a fully responsive HTML5 experience. The migration to the newer technology also allowed for a functional reorganization of the menus that makes the already straightforward allocation set up an intuitive and highly efficient activity.
  • Scheduling management: We have revamped our self-running data processing set up to make it easier for power users to define schedules, dependencies, timing and parameters of any automatic job.
  • System utilities: There can never be enough of these! User-friendly system queries for source data, journals, allocation entries and allocation rules structure are now available by default with the ability to predefine and save preferred filtering options for quick reference.

We sincerely hope you find good use for these enhancements. As always, we invite your feedback. And, if you need further details on anything I’ve referenced here, please do not hesitate to contact your CCH Tagetik representative.


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