CCH Tagetik Winter ‘18 Release Now Available

CCH Tagetik developers have been working hard the past few months on our latest release. And now, the CCH Tagetik Winter ’18 Release is here with new features and functionality for you and your team.

The work on this release was guided by two major commitments. First, you’ll see several enhancements that exemplify our ongoing commitment to user experience, which remains a key area of focus and a significant competitive differentiator. In this release – in response to feedback from our user community, we’ve also worked to simplify and enrich the experience of system administrators. Second, and just as important, this release reflects the visionary thinking of CCH Tagetik leaders and our company’s commitment to supporting the rapid changes transforming finance today. This release adds new value to the CCH Tagetik platform with new and powerful analytic capabilities.

CCH Tagetik 2018 Winter Release

Following is a summary of the major enhancements in CCH Tagetik’s 2018 Winter Release:


  • Administrator experience. By leveraging HTML5 technology, we have dramatically simplified system navigation and configuration work for system administrators. The enhanced interface makes the administrator’s experience similar to the “one-click-away” end user experience. 
  • End user experience. We’ve added a new custom tile to the CCH Tagetik home page for end users. Now, an end user can choose to view any external content – such as a live operations dashboard, a child’s school portal, or a news website - thereby further personalizing his or her homepage.
  • Data and metadata uploads. In addition to existing ETL capabilities and specialized data connectors, this release introduces quick data loading. This feature does just what the name implies – allowing finance users to quickly upload data from an external Excel or similar file on the fly by simply dragging and dropping. 
  • User Cockpits. Our process-monitoring cockpit has been enhanced for faster execution of multi-step processes. Our IC matching and reconciliation cockpit has also been enhanced with intuitive filtering capabilities to more efficiently handle heavy-duty, inter-company reconciliation needs.
  • Reporting. CCH Tagetik now includes a modern magazine library. Managers can now subscribe to a set of reports or publications for daily, monthly or hourly notifications right on their homepages. Report bursting completes the enhanced scheduled reporting experience with server-side-generated report books optimized for faster delivery of report packages customized for specific interests and needs.
  • Analytical workspace. One of the most significant enhancements to CCH Tagetik is the analytical workspace – the first stage of a powerful product plan that will be unveiled later this year. To support the transformation of finance taking place around the globe, we are evolving our solution to support managing large volumes of data, advanced modeling, and heavy-duty calculations – all with faster processing. The analytical workspace brings two new capabilities to finance users: the ability to create data marts for analytic reporting on a granular level of detail, and the ability to create staging areas for extensive data modeling to be used in CPM processes.
  • App Marketplace. Leveraging our experience in the field, we now offer several solution extensions to meet vertical process and industry requirements in the App Marketplace. CCH Tagetik lists multiple pre-packaged applications in the area of lease accounting (ASC842 and IFRS16), insurance contract management (IFRS17), revenue accounting (ASC606 and IFRS15) and financial instruments (IFRS9) to help in the areas of disclosure and compliance. You’ll also find several solution extensions from CCH Tagetik partners. Visit the App Marketplace here.


I hope you are as excited as I am for this new release. As always, please do not hesitate to contact your CCH Tagetik representative for more details about any of these new features.

CCH Tagetik 2018 Winter Release

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