Do You Use Your Own Software? A Question You Should Ask Every Vendor



Do you use your own software? And if so, how?

These questions are not on any standard RFP, yet the answers will reveal much about a software solution you might be considering. The ways a software vendor uses its own tools will certainly give you insights into the reliability of the products, as well as its flexibility and practicality.


But, just as importantly, extensive internal use also gives vendor employees a new – and usually deeper – understanding of the product they are selling and supporting. In using their company’s product on a daily basis, vendor employees have an opportunity to discover hidden glitches and new potential uses. Internal use can lead to increased software quality, better customer support, and practical guidance on ways customers can extend the value of their software.


From the beginning, we have used our CPM solution for all planning, consolidation and reporting requirements internally. Doing so has improved our ability to support customers, anticipate their needs, and offer in-depth guidance on every aspect of the solution. And, as our company has grown in size and complexity, we have been able to recognize early on ways to expand the solution to meet the needs of global businesses.


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Tagetik employees have also developed a range of Tagetik applications that go beyond the scope of traditional CPM uses and bring benefits to organizations other than finance. For instance:


  • Cost of Sales: Tagetik sales executives rely on Tagetik to help them monitor the cost of each sales opportunity. 
  • Project Monitoring: Tagetik consulting managers use a Tagetik application to track and monitor all aspects of each consulting engagement, including comparisons of staff hours spent to hours budgeted and examination of project delays and changes in project scope.
  • Customer Support Analysis: Customer support teams use Tagetik to ensure customers receive top-notch support by analyzing time to resolution, number of touch points involved in a support ticket, customer satisfaction with problem solving, and other key support metrics. 
  • Employee Performance Analysis: Managers use Tagetik to help them monitor and evaluate the quality of work performed by our developers and consultants.


In addition to helping us manage multiple aspects of our business more efficiently, these applications have also helped us better serve our customers. All of the applications were developed by business users, not professional developers, which is a testament to Tagetik’s ease of use, as well as its inherent flexibility. The applications also are integrated with a variety of data sources, demonstrating how Tagetik easily fits into a corporate technology ecosystem.


We invite you to read more about our internal uses of Tagetik and the business benefits gained by our company. You’ll find a case study outlining the above and other applications here. We wrote this document to give customers and prospects an idea of Tagetik’s versatility and its potential to increase the value of a company’s software investments. You may also be interested in the recent posting of Manuel Vellutini, co-CEO, on how Tagetik strengthens executive relationships and makes for better decision making here.


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