Tagetik developers @GWT.create 2015

Four visionaries and inspired Tagetik developers attended GWT.create, the annual conference about the Google Web Toolkit and related technologies for complex web application design and development. The event took place in Munich, Germany on January 27-28.





The annual two-day conference showcased the newest trends in web application development based on Google tools, and was also a great venue for technology vendors to meet “real world” software companies and engage in thoughtful conversation around how to improve and implement next-generation software.


Web applications and technologies such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 are not relegated to “cool” web site design or portals anymore. Modern browsers have become very powerful and efficient in processing Javascript code, and they can exploit the power of the physical machine they are running on (GPU, multi-core processing) at their best. GWT.create attendees also had the unique opportunity to view very particular and uncommon fields of applications that run on a web browser, such as Drone Controlling or Augmented Reality and Computer Vision .


Technology vendors sponsoring this conference included Vaadin, AngularJS, Sencha and Google. All companies focused on three main themes:

  • Interoperability: Possibility to integrate more than one of these frameworks in a single application in order to exploit “the best” of each of them or to make them interact in hybrid contexts.
  • Big data and performance: New components (like Vaadin Grid) are coming to display and manage large amounts of data on web pages in an extremely efficient way, with a fluid interface (especially on touch and mobile devices).
  • Productivity improvement
  • Reducing costs of application development and the time-to-market by enhancing development tools (like GWT compiler and debugger) and performance, and releasing new productivity tools (Vaadin Designer). 
  • Simplifying the strategic decision to distribute native applications for mobile devices rather than providing pure web applications with “adaptive” layout for different devices.

In the last year,
Tagetik has turned from a merely “auditor” to a proactive player and interlocutor. Tagetik 5 adopted Vaadin Framework on top of GWT Framework for the HTML5 web interface, pushing this technology to its limit. For this reason, Tagetik:

  • Is strictly collaborating with Vaadin ltd. to constantly improve Vaadin Framework, thanks to Tagetik customers multi-year experience
  • Is sponsoring the development of new powerful and advanced components (eg. the spreadsheet)
  • Is developing several other components for financial-specific needs that will be available in the future minor releases of Tagetik 5.

Tagetik financial-specific requirements and needs are becoming a fundamental test bench for these technologies and an important case study for Vaadin and other vendors.

So...keep updated with upcoming Tagetik releases to see what’s going on and how Tagetik constantly leverages the state of the art of web technologies!


Tagetik software engineers relaxing after a “hard” day on GWT.create2015"
From the left: Alessandro Guarascio team leader for Tagetik Reporting, Rosanna Rossi, team leader for Tagetik Dashboard, Lorenzo Benvenuti GWT and Vaadin expert and Duccio Vigolo Chief Architect Officer.

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