Alessandro Guarascio

Software Engineer in CCH Tagetik

Alessandro Guarascio joined Tagetik in 2002 and his main focus has always been integrating Reporting tools into Tagetik applications. As a developer, his skills are Microsoft Office Platform Programming (VBA and .NET technology), Java J2EE web application designing, Spring framework integration and Vaadin Framework integration.

Right now Alessandro is the team leader of Financial Reporting developers and his main activities are:

- porting Tagetik application  to HTML5 technology, with special regard to Web Forms implementation,
- continuous improvement of Tagetik Excel .NET client,
- leveraging in-memory technology in Tagetik Reporting Engine,
- pivoting and BI advanced functionalities integration


Tagetik developers @GWT.create 2015

Four visionaries and inspired Tagetik developers attended GWT.create, the annual conference about the Google Web Toolkit and related technologies for complex web application design and development. The event took place in Munich, Germany on January 27-28.

Performance Management

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The Rise of HTML Spreadsheets: Excel Killers or Perfect Complements?

In last years Online Spreadsheets become very popular and two of the biggest players in IT industry, Microsoft (with Office 365) and Google (with Google Spreadsheets), are now successfully providing their own solution as SaaS. Online Sheets became collaborative and available anytime and anywhere. Financial applications are generally too complex to run properly on online applications. However, an embedded Spreadsheet, which is available on all platforms and all devices, is now a “must” for modern financial applications.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

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