The Benefits of Working Prototypes


Converging forces are increasing the importance of long-term alliances between consulting firms and software providers. KPMG’s alliance with CCH Tagetik began 10 years via our Italian member firm; a relationship we believe benefits our mutual clients.


One of the many ways we work with CCH Tagetik is through the development of working prototypes prior to actual implementations.
Many companies have had frustrating or, worst case, failed implementation experiences. Budget overruns, missed deadlines, unmet expectations…these are just a few of the problems common to many implementations.

the benefits of working prototypes - KPMG and CCH Tagetik


Today’s users also have high expectations of any new solution. Their adoption requires intuitive, fast and visually compelling experiences. Therefore, it’s imperative to show (rather than tell) how a solution will be delivered with something more tangible than a proof of concept.


Unlike a sales demo, a working prototype can use actual company data, pulled from real data sources to demonstrate integration capabilities. When put through its paces, the prototype proves how the solution can handle specific use cases critical to the solution’s success. Stakeholders can actually see dashboards and reports, and, if needed, identify changes before actual work starts.


In addition to gaining important buy-in, a working prototype is also an opportunity to potentially rethink design and implementation priorities.


The insights brought by our experienced consultants during the prototyping process often opens executives up to new ways of thinking and new possibilities not originally considered when making a solution decision. For instance, a project team focused on compliance reporting may discover how the same solution can be used to expedite and improve other types of reporting and how compliance data can be used to augment other financial processes.


During the development of a working prototype, we collaborate closely with CCH Tagetik for planning, resource allocation, and technology expertise. Together, we have developed industry-specific working prototypes tailored to address specific business needs and embed leading-practice processes with innovative technical functionalities. This combined approach is resonating well with clients, and we’re seeing early success with global opportunities across insurance, banking and utility sectors.


KPMG selected CCH Tagetik as a partner because of its dedicated focus on finance and a culture committed to long-lasting strategic relationships.


We look forward to working together in the years ahead to support - and accelerate - the transformation of finance.

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