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Discover the latest posts on CCH Tagetik's blog, a space dedicated to Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and to the Office of Finance.

Manage Cash and Improve Liquidity with the CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Cash Flow Planning App  

Jul. 9 2020 by Sonia Barbarossa, Technology Product Management Associate Director​ - CCH Tagetik

Are you ready to take the cash flow planning reigns? Read this blog to learn more about our CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Cash Flow Planning App.

Performance Management Budgeting & Planning

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Leveraging modern technology to configure your Allocations and Profitability Analysis in CPM

Jul. 2 2020 by Sadek Fahmy, Senior Solutions Specialist - CCH Tagetik NA

How can a modern, financially intelligent software can help your organization to configure your Allocations and Profitability Analysis? Read this blog to discover more!

Performance Management Profitability Analysis

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Blog post series: Plan your predictive analytics and machine learning journey with CCH Tagetik - Part 2

Jun. 26 2020 by Prof. Dr. Karsten Oehler, Solution Architect - CCH Tagetik DACH / Marco Van der Kooij, Managing Director - ForSight Consulting

Forecast planning for P&L and other essentials in your business plan

Performance Management Budgeting & Planning

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“There’s a way to do it better.” - For financial transformation, it’s the mantra

Jun. 24 2020 by Fabrizio Tocchini, Head of Innovation for CCH Tagetik and Head of Global Presale service - CCH Tagetik

How does CCH Tagetik assist the finance transformation process, providing innovation to enable the CFO become the trusted advisor to the CEO? Read the blog to learn more!

Performance Management

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Should you postpone your IFRS 17 project with the extension of the effective date to 2023?

Jun. 10 2020 by Mahadevan Nataranjan, Senior Director, Financial Solutions - CCH Tagetik Asia Pacific

Despite the extension of the IFRS 17 compliance deadline, companies have no time to waste. Read this blog and visit CCH Tagetik to see why and what makes it the right IFRS 17 partner.

Performance Management Reporting & Compliance

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