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Smart NOW Driver Based Planning App by CCH Tagetik

Test Scenarios. Simulate Changes. Take Action Confidently.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Driver Based Planning let's you focus on your business

Driver Based Planning 1

Key Capabilities

Market changes are happening fast. Add-in economic uncertainty and plans that are already in motion must switch to plan B at a moment’s notice. Our CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Driver Based Planning app is packaged with the capabilities you need to simulate the impacts of operational changes and make decisions fast.

  • Top-down or bottom-up sales planning across dimensions
  • Plan costs while highlighting cause-and-effect relationships
  • Adjust project drivers to determine initiatives with best outcome
  • Create simulations to compare scenario plans
  • Automatic planning with a standard set of reports
  • Collaboration tools, workflow and audit trail

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Driver Based Planning 2

Key Benefits

Fast Implementation, Easy to Manage. We created this app to get you creating driver based plans — and making fully informed decisions — fast. It’s cloud-based, finance-friendly interface and connection to your planning ecosystem enables true self-service planning, no IT involvement needed.

  • Project sales, costs and projects on financial statements
  • Create instant simulations and compare scenarios
  • See the impact of changing drivers on key business metrics
  • Understand driver impacts to steer action towards the best result
  • Align finance, operations and executive with detail-level insights

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