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Belgian GAAP for Consolidated Financial Statements by Satriun

Pre-configured CCH Tagetik GAAP starter kit for Consolidated Financial Statements according to Belgian law

3 reasons why Satriun Belgian GAAP for Consolidation Financial Statements lets you focus on business

Consolidated financial statements are prepared with Belgian standards

Consolidated Financial Statements Prepared with Belgian Standards

Belgian GAAP for Consolidated Financial Statements enables a faster close.

  • Consolidation package in English, Dutch and French
  • Process cockpit with intercompany reconciliation
  • Full set of automated consolidation postings
  • Easy roll out across the organization
  • Sales by segment, expenses by function

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Sales can be detailed by segment and operating expenses by function

Detail Sales by Segment and Operating Expenses by Function

Belgian GAAP for Consolidated Financial Statements covers the full scope of statutory reporting, including the MAR account scheme and data validation rules to help control data quality.

  • Combines statutory and management reporting
  • Combines financial and non-financial reporting
  • Embedded indirect cash flow statement
  • Automated equity consolidation
  • Enables faster close through reconciliation cockpit

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Other information

Release Date: September 2019

Languages: English, Dutch and French

Targeted Job Function: Executives, Finance and Accounting

Industry: All industries