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Pierluigi Pierallini

Fouder and Chairman of the Board

“It has been a great personal pleasure to see Tagetik grow into the innovative, international company that it is today. But what I’m most proud of is that Tagetik has managed to preserve the values of its Tuscan roots. We are not just a company—we are a family. That may sound cliché but our customers and partners experience this difference every day. ‘Customer-first' is engrained in the Tagetik DNA and it is something we will retain as the company continues its rapid growth.”



Pierluigi Pierallini is the founder of Tagetik and he has led the company since its inception.

Pierluigi has over 30 years of technology experience. Always an entrepreneur, he founded his first company in 1977. In 1984 he founded Gruppo Servizi, a software and services company providing solutions to finance organizations in southern Europe. That was the origin of the global software company that Tagetik is today.

From the day he founded the company, Pierluigi has been the guiding force behind the customer-first philosophy. He spends his days interacting with Tagetik customers, employees and the management team ensuring that the Tagetik DNA, from which Tagetik was built, continues to thrive as the company grows.