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Upgrade to HTML 5

Duration: 1 day
Audience: Administrators and Implementers
Prerequisites: Experience with previous CCH Tagetik versions

Objectives: This training course is aimed at Administrators/Implementers, who are currently using or implementing a previous CCH Tagetik version (CCH Tagetik 4) and wish to upgrade to the 5 version OR using CCH Tagetik 5 but are familiar only with the FLEX interface. Attendees are assumed to understand the basics of CCH Tagetik database administration and reporting. The course focuses on the main innovations introduced with HTML 5 interface, specifically about the graphic interface and in term of functions and user experience improvement.


  1. Navigating through the HTML5 interface

  2. Customizing your home page

  3. Using the Process cockpit

  4. Data model setup and maintenance

  5. Process definition (including business workflow)

  6. New functionalities in HTML5

  7. Next steps

Additional info: Available also as Virtual Classroom Training (VCT).

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