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Modernization of Finance

The inevitable journey of the ‘Office of Finance’. Become the strategic partner that guides your organization through challenges and recognizes growth opportunities. Download the article to discover what the modernization of finance entails. (Article available in Dutch and English)

Sooner or later the office of the CFO will face a transformation or the need to modernize. In the article ‘Modernization of Finance’, Marco van der Kooij explains what this actually means and how a Finance Transformation Platform enables the inevitable change.

What are the drivers of finance modernization? How can the office of finance innovate? What is needed to support this evolution and how can you make the business case for needed investments. What’s in it for you and your team and how do you get from where you are today to a modern finance organization? Finally Marco explores the rationale behind a data hub approach for analytical information and what changes need to occur in order to make data governance a reality for your finance organization.

There are benefits to be gained by modernizing the office of the CFO. Experience has shown that companies that take a proactive and holistic approach often have the advantage.

Download this Article

Discover the benefits to be gained by modernizing the office of the CFO.