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Video Interview with Marco Van der Kooij, General Manager Tagetik Benelux & Nordic

Learn why Tagetik's Financial Performance Platform addresses the needs of finance today and is the foundation for the future.


I often asked our customers what they really like about us when they buy our software What they say mostly to us is that they really like that we listen very well But no only listen, but that we really understand their financial processes.

And that we translate that into a solution So When I ask our customers, that keep on getting back to me that we really understand Finance.

Secondly, with our innovative software, we help them use it in Good way.

That's how the CFO will get the results with Tagetik software.

Take for example IFRS, it is a new regulation for certain things like leasing contracts or particularly in financial services for banks.

And for insurance companies about contracts, what Tagetik is doing is building solutions specifically for these kind of challenges, we provide content within our software in order to help them speed up the implementation process first, because we provide the IFRS content they get the results with speedy implementation and the benefit of using our software in the right way in order to overcome all these challenges for compliance.

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