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Keynote The Next Big Thing Leslie Cant

Watch the Keynote Highlights at CCH Tagetik in Touch 2018 in Miami by Leslie Cant Director Product Marketing.


Modernizing finance means to me finance is becoming more automated in their technology, it is moving to a unified platform where they're able to do more processes that they need to do at the same time so running like consolidation, planning forecast, regulatory all-in-one so they have one single source of their data that is auditable and it has traceability and that they're able to trust and to provide confidence when they do the results and also when they're looking forward for the plans.

And it also means efficiencies, so they've got to speed up their normal day jobs where you're doing the rigorous data collection, data processing so they have time to be strategic which is what their real goal is supposed to be: is to be strategic and to be advising the CEO and all their stakeholders, shareholders on best guidance for business decisions of the company.

The CFO and the Office of Finance are facing a lot of challenges today meaning that they want them to be more transparent, they want them to be more detailed they need to be more forward-looking and they already have forward-looking plans and long-range plans but they need to be at a lower level more accurate and they also need to be forecasting more often.

So they're getting into the continuous planning, continuous forecasting which is only able to be done if you have a system that can match that requirements.

They're also facing regulatory challenges, there's new complex regulations where you're going down to a lower level of data as well, going down to the contract level so there's just a lot of data that they need to now capture in their systems and get a hold of data that may have been outside in Excel or other systems and now they need to harness that and have that all under their control.

Finance transformation platform basically can provide all that for them in one simple solution having the consolidation, the planning, the forecast, the ability to do the rolling forecast and now at a deeper level with the analitycal information hub to provide that fully transparency that they need.

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