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Keynote The Next Big Thing Dave Kasabian

Watch the Keynote Highlights at CCH Tagetik in Touch 2018 in Miami by Dave Kasabian VP Marketing.


The finance organization needs to embrace new technologies to take on new responsibilities.

What they're accountable for and what they're being asked to do is increasing exponentially whether that be data, whether that be being more strategic, whether that be looking at operational performance not just financial performance, these are all things that they're being asked to do now 3a and in order to do it with the staff that they have they need to be able to modernize and take advantage of new technologies and automating processes so that they can focus on those more strategic things that they're being asked to do.

The CFO is facing many challenges both backward-looking and forward-looking so they're being challenged with a lot more regulatory requirements that are taking up more of their staffs time and keeping them from being more strategic.

They're also being asked by the CEO to be more strategic and to be advising the business on strategic business decisions whether that be financial decisions, investment decisions innovation decisions and our new platform will help them because it gives them the ability to see everything from 360 degrees.

So they can be looking backwards when they need to and looking at all the incompliance, at their financial statements, auditable, accurate are they telling the right story, but also being able to look forward and being able to forecast more accurately, be more predictive and advise the business on strategic business decisions.

The analytic information hub is really about bringing all the analytic information that finance needs into one place and that might not be just financial data, that can be operational data as well because the things that they need to do require more data they require more different kinds of data.

The analytic information hub gives them a place to govern and manage that so they're not dependent on IT for it and they're also very confident in sharing that information with others because they're in control of that information, 14a they're validating that is accurate and they're governing who gets to use it and how they get to use it.

The difference between traditional Performance Management and our new analytic information hub is that traditional performance management is really focused on the process and automating and orchestrating processes, the analytical information hub brings not only that but also analytics into that same process so you can bring very granular information and use that from and for analytics or also incorporate that into your performance management processes.

So you have the best of both worlds.

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