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2 min Demo: Ad Hoc Reporting

Watch this video to learn how to investigate and analyze data on the fly from your workstation or mobile device. Get familiar with the intuitive drag and drop, slicing and dicing in memory capabilities of the the CCH Tagetik's Ad Hoc Reporting engine to easily and quickly get the answers you're looking for.

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Ad Hoc Reporting in CCH Tagetik allows users to immediately interact with any data set they have access to and quickly respond to any data analysis request by simply selecting the slice of data they want to investigate.

We'll access CCH Tagetik's ad hoc reporting directly from our configurable homepage and we have the ability to select any dimension or combination of dimensions, maybe even a particular hierarchy that we'd like to investigate, right on the fly.

For instance, if you'd like to take a look at our personnel expenses we can navigate to our personnel expense account, we also have the ability to add additional dimensions, to slice and dice this information by, so if for example we'd like to add cost centers as well as employees however leveraging our hierarchy to only select active and new hires, and just like that we now see the data set that we called upon, instantaneously.

We also have the ability to easily adjust this view that we're looking at and watch CCH Tagetik update the table right on the fly.

We can drag-and-drop our columns to our rows and our rows to our columns, our filters down into our rows or columns for additional detail, and maybe bring our detailed employees back up into the filters to view a summarized version of the data we are looking at.

Again easily swap rows to columns and columns to rows and additionally we have the ability to leverage CCH Tagetik's ad hoc functionality that offers in cell charting capabilities, so for example if we'd like to take a look at the heat map, I can easily view the heat map highlighting the point of data that stand out and impact my business the most.

Or if I prefer to view this data using bar charting I can easily flip the table type to the table bar chart.

All together CCH Tagetik's ad hoc reporting provides for a powerful tool allowing users to immediately interact with any data set they have access.

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