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2 min Demo: Board Reporting in Power Point

Watch this video to learn how to automate your monthly, quarterly or annual board reporting decks leveraging the collaborative capabilities of CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office. Distribute each section of your executive presentations, up to date and consistently formatted reporting books.


CCH Tagetik's Collaborative Office allows you to leverage familiar tools, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, to include any live financial or statistical information coming straight from CCH Tagetik's unified financial platform or any other data source and combine it with narrative and visuals in a guided collaborative manner.

Now, let's take a look.

Weather you're working in Word or PowerPoint, you can leverage a hundred percent of the tool's native functionality, as well as ad hoc CCH Tagetik only functionality, as soon as you log in.

All of your presentations are saved on CCH Tagetik's platform and nicely organized in this report gallery including an archive of your reporting cycles under each template.

If we focus on our 2017 budget presentation, we are able to break it out into multiple section and assign contributors from different departments to collaborate on one document at the same time.

With a decentralized collaborative approach in CCH Tagetik, you can also monitor the status of completion of the overall document and for each section guide your end users by assigning deadlines, approval managers as well as step-by-step workflow instructions.

Now to start working on my finance section, it's as easy as double-clicking on it.

Leveraging your existing skill-set, you can create your PowerPoint section and, as part of your slides include live objects which I could actually highlight, that are coming directly from CCH Tagetik's financial platform or any other system our Collaborative Office sits on top of, no need to copy and paste anything, the numbers, the charts, the tables in the middle of the text, it will all update if they change in the underlined source, I can run the update manually or automate it every time the document is opened.

Following the same approach the next year's budget presentation will be ready as soon as you complete your budget process and roll forward this document to a future date.

Of course the same functionality you've just seen in PowerPoint, is consistently available in Microsoft Word as well.

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