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2 min Demo: Data Investigation

Watch this video to see the data investigation options CCH Tagetik provides to empower their end users. Reports are no longer filled with standalone values, with CCH Tagetik they’re accompanied with the hidden data making up those values, available to dig into with just one click from your reports.​


Data investigation options in CCH Tagetik are really designed to empower the end-user.

Let's jump right into a report and take a look.

So here we're looking at a sample revenue analysis report and like all reports we can leverage some of CCH Tagetik's built-in analytical capabilities.

We've got those features available to us, right at our fingertips,so let's take a look at a few examples.

Taking a look at our 2018 revenue, let's say we'd like to dig a little bit deeper into our USA revenue.

I can leverage the drill-down functionand drill one level down displaying the entities that roll into the US.

With just one click I can see the revenue amounts for New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, or if I'd like to jump into a more detailed view but from the standpoint of that entire table, I can do some further analysis giving me the ability to drag and drop any of these dimensions from the columns to the rows, from the rows to the columns, maybe I'd like to swap my rows, maybe I'd like to deselect New York, Chicago and Los Angeles in this example, or I can even leverage CCH Tagetik's in-cell charting capabilities like the table bar chart or the row heat map.

But the analysis doesn't stop there:I even have the ability to add additional dimensions into this analysis, so let's say I'd like to see the breakdown of that revenue by customers as well as products,I can leverage CCH Tagetik's drill anywhere feature, add those dimensions and be brought into another screen where I can drag and drop my dimensions from the filters to the column, from the column down into the rows, I can really slice and dice this information so that it's displayed however I'd like to see it,and again I can leverage bar chart and row heat map.

And finally, to go beyond analysis from within the system, we have the ability to diginto the transactional level details on your ERP system that make up values displayed in our reports, so on the sample balance sheet I can take a look at my account receivable line 1.995 million and drill through to my transactional level details that are going to make up this 1.995 million.

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