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The EPM Market Landscape Responds To The Growth Agenda And Digital Disruption

CCH Tagetik is winning deals against the large EPM vendors with a unified platform that is flexible and scalable.

With the market disruption of software-as-a-service (SaaS), advanced analytics, and the customer-centric growth agenda, the vendor landscape for enterprise performance management (EPM) is evolving. The EPM market reflects a historical bias toward finance and deployment of on-premises solutions from large technology vendors (e.g., IBM, Oracle, and SAP).

As this market evolves, pure-play SaaS vendors are growing very rapidly, and historically on-premises vendors are responding with SaaS offerings. In-memory data, advanced analytics (e.g., predictive and prescriptive), mobile-ready user experiences, and collaboration are also affecting the solutions landscape.

Understanding the market landscape for EPM will enable application development and delivery (AD&D) professional to enable business stakeholders from finance to sales and marketing to optimize and innovate processes that drive business performance and growth.

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