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16 June 2015 - STAMFORD, Conn. and LUCCA, Italy

Tagetik Launches Progressive CFO Series to Help Finance Executives Navigate Financial and Economic Challenges

New resources provide insight and intelligence to manage the increasing demands of balancing strategic direction and tactical execution

Tagetik, a visionary leader in global performance management software solutions, today announced its new Progressive CFO™ Series, which is designed to support the needs of finance executives around the world in managing the challenges of providing the right level of strategic direction to support C-suite needs, as well as the best tactical execution to ensure decisions are backed by proper data and intelligence. The series incorporates monthly videos, webinars, podcasts and online interactive content to provide the Office of Finance with the ability to discuss best practices, and share insights with industry experts and peers.

Today's CFOs face more challenges, and more opportunities than ever before. CFOs are under constant pressure to be more forward looking and strategic while the tactical demands placed on the Office of Finance continue to expand,” stated Manuel Vellutini, co-CEO, Tagetik. With the introduction of the Progressive CFO Series, we will share insights and intelligence from industry experts, groundbreaking CFOs and senior executives, so finance professionals can reconcile these two conflicting trends and bring greater strategic value and best practices to their businesses.” According to a recent article in Forbes, CFOs are playing a critical role as catalysts in driving collaboration and integration across the C-Suite. The Progressive CFO Series aims to share information and skills to help CFOs, and other finance executives, improve their ability to be more valuable resources across multiple disciplines, including planning, finance, operations and sales. Upcoming online events include:

Aggreko has been on a journey toward world class Finance," said Carole Cran, CFO at Aggreko. With the needs of business changing, and with more strategic demands being placed on the Office of Finance to drive business success, we’ve been extremely pleased with the insight and best practices we’ve secured by tapping into Tagetik’s ecosystem of industry experts, partners and customers. We’re looking forward to continuing that knowledge exchange through the Progressive CFO Series.” Events for August and September will be added shortly with additional content added every month. For more information, or to register for one of the events, visit the Progressive CFO Series website.

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