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26 August 2014 - Stamford, CT (USA)

A Practical Approach to Integrated Business Planning: Webinar Presentation by Manufacturing Expert Dean Sorensen

Webinar will cover technology features to look for, the change management and support processes required for successful adoption, and other practical guidance

Finance professionals can get practical guidance on introducing integrated business planning (IBP) into their organizations in the complimentary webinar,S&OP and Financials: “If it’s integrated, why is it not integratedon Thursday, August 28, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. EDT. The webinar presenter is Dean Sorensen, founder of the IBP Collaborative and highly experienced management consultant specializing in finance and supply chain transformation. The webinar is hosted by Tagetik, a global provider of enterprise software solutions for performance management, disclosure management, financial governance and business intelligence.  

Many companies get the potential benefits of IBP, but they struggle with making it happen because of technology obstacles, as well as internal challenges,” said Sorensen. “But the pay offs are well worth it – ranging from decreasing operational costs to increasing sales. Additionally, IBP is the only way companies can truly look ahead to make informed decisions related to growth and risk mitigation.”

According to Sorensen, integrated business planning brings together and analyzes planning information from across the enterprise and ties results to key corporate performance indicators.  True IBP goes beyond financial, sales and operational planning and encompasses areas such as compensation and workforce planning, marketing and business development, and resource management.

Webinar attendees will learn how to know if the integration promises made by vendors and consultants can be cost efficiently accomplished, how to build the business case for IBP, how to plan for and manage an IBP implementation, and the requirements for supporting ongoing IBP.  

Dean is one of the leading authorities on integrated business planning, particularly in terms of its application to manufacturing,” said Dave Kasabian, senior vice president of product marketing and strategy at Tagetik. “This presentation will be an excellent resource for finance professionals looking to bring more forward-looking insight to their corporate reporting.”

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