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14 June 2013 - Lucca

Tagetik Magazine – Enjoy ‘Performance with Passion’ in every sense of the word!

The first issue of "Tagetik Magazine – Performance with Passion" is now available for free on Apple Store (for iPad) and on Google Play (for Android and tablets).

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Tagetik Magazine – Performance with Passion as an entertaining and privileged way to communicate with everyone interested in corporate performance management.

This completely new digital magazine is both a statement about our company, as well as a celebration of the very best excellence in action, in Italy and from around the world. Tagetik, however, is not the only example of ‘performance with passion,’ which is why we have created this platform – to applaud all forms and actualizations of this motto. We hope it inspires you to see the passion that drives our company from a new perspective and the passion reflected in the stories and images featured in our magazine.

Needless to say, the name of the magazine incorporates the essence of the concept. Every issue is an invitation to an exciting journey through the best that Italy, and the world beyond, has to offer – from interviews with high-profile performers to well-kept secrets yet to discover, from to artisanal crafts made with time-honoured traditions to the latest technological innovations.

The first issue of Tagetik Magazine – Performance with Passion is now available for download.
Check it out on our website

It is very special to us! We hope you enjoy it, and welcome you to share it with your peers!

Media Contacts:

Greta Bartoli CCH Tagetik Press Release & Social Media Specialist +39 0583 96811 office