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19 July 2012 - Stamford, CT, USA and Lucca, Italy

Tagetik Achieves 4.8 out of 5.0 in BPM Partners’ Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

BPM Partners’ Research Reveals the Year’s Top Performance Management Vendors and Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Tagetik, a global provider of enterprise software solutions for Performance Management, Disclosure Management, Financial Governance and Business Intelligence, today announced it was recognized in this year’s BPM Partners Pulse Performance Management Survey as receiving a near perfect score of 4.8 out of 5.0 for customer satisfaction.  The results were first announced by Craig Schiff, CEO of BPM Partners, the leading independent authority on Business Performance Management, during a recent webcast regarding essential strategies for budgeting, planning, reporting and consolidation systems.

The webcast was hosted by Business Finance Magazine.  A replay of the webcast can be seen here: www.bpmpartners.com/events_webinars.shtml#Pulse2012. The survey is downloadable here: www.bpmpartners.com/bpmcentral_whitepapers.shtml and the graphic is downloadable here: www.tagetik.com/about/analyst-reports.

The Pulse of Performance Management 2012 is designed to help participants identify the most successful vendors that match their needs, benchmark their projects and leverage performance management best practices,” explains Craig Schiff, CEO of BPM Partners.  “In the past three years, Tagetik has had one of the highest cumulative scores for customer satisfaction, ranking higher than its main competitors, with a near perfect score of 4.8 out of 5.0 in 2012.”

We are very pleased to have outperformed market leaders SAP, Oracle and IBM in the BPM Partners Survey,” says Mark Corsetti, VP & General Manager of Tagetik North America, adding: “We measure our success by our strong relationships and satisfied customers.  We are proud to be consistently ranked as a top CPM vendor in BPM Partners’ Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.”

At Tagetik, ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction is our major business goal,” concludes  Manuel Vellutini – Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer at Tagetik. “We take pride in caring for our customers and they have become the backbone to our success, as made evident in yet another prominent survey. Today’s organizations need a different approach to Performance Management and Tagetik’s ‘global boutique’ experience is a unique and compelling alternative to large BPM players for empowering the office of Finance with the best solutions for managing the business.”


Read the survey here: www.bpmpartners.com/bpmcentral_whitepapers.shtml and download the graphic here: www.tagetik.com/about/analyst-reports.

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