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03 May 2010 - Lucca (Italy)

Tagetik 3.0 and Microsoft SharePoint streamline Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Align day-to-day operations with corporate strategy and optimize collaboration and communication to reduce business complexity

Tagetik, a global provider of Performance Management, Financial Governance and Business Intelligence software solutions, today announced the release of Tagetik 3.0’s new functionalities for Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting processes in order to better meet increasing market demands and leverage the strong integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server and the Microsoft business intelligence platform.

To compete successfully in today’s markets, organizations with complex structures need specialized tools to support effective teamwork and communication among major business functions involved in the budgeting and forecasting activities. Using Tagetik 3.0, companies can now unify the planning processes at strategic, corporate and operational levels while ensuring full data traceability and reducing manual work. Due to the integration with Microsoft and the release of ‘Tagetik 3.0 Enabled by Microsoft SharePoint’, users can easily share information, tasks and deadlines within their teams, analyze the data in detail and generate advanced reports.

Thanks to our growing international experience, our R&D has developed new capabilities to better support strategic and operational budgeting processes,” explained Manuel Vellutini, Chief Operating Officer at Tagetik. “Many of our customers have been able to develop very pervasive and detailed budgeting models that not only provide greater insight on their profitability, bottom line or cash flow but also the variables in their business as well. Using the new features in Tagetik 3.0, our customers can now examine the details of a sales budget by markets, channels, customers or products as well as the costs for HR, production, plants or products.”

Tagetik 3.0’s controlled environment supports top management to establish multi-year strategic planning and operating managers to run multiple scenarios and assess their impact on various business costs and revenues,” continued Vellutini. “This way, the CFO and the Controller can quickly aggregate the necessary data, reduce budget cycles and better understand the total financial impact of specific strategic decisions – from launching a new product to restructuring a specific business area – while improving control and visibility throughout the process. And thanks to ‘Tagetik 3.0 Enabled by Microsoft SharePoint’ companies empower Performance Management with Collaboration and Communication across all the organization.

Even in terms of IT, simplification is at hand,” said Bill Koehler, product manager of business intelligence at Microsoft Corp. “The collaboration between Tagetik 3.0 and Microsoft business intelligence, communication and collaboration tools allows us to support all business areas with a highly collaborative solution, advanced reporting and analytic features. Companies as a whole can utilize their existing investments, simplify how people work together, as well as deliver value in managing and controlling their business processes more efficiently. This firmly confirms our partnership with Tagetik, whose performance management solution is an ideal answer to the budgeting, planning and forecasting needs of Microsoft customers.



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