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Capital Planning

Understand the Impact of Capital Planning Decisions Today and in the Long Run.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Capital Planning let's you focus on your business

Plan the Entire Lifecycle of Capital Expenditures

Capital planning from end-to-end. Whether the engineering department is submitting a capital request, finance is weighing a capital approval, or you’re looking at the impacts of a capital expenditure in the long run, CCH Tagetik is a one-stop-shop for CapEx requirements.

  • See the impact of CapEx on cash flow forecasting
  • Use asset class drivers to calculate accumulated depreciation
  • Assess CapEx needs tied to new products and expansion
  • Drill-down into underlying data to assess project funding
  • Determine your net fixed assets with built-in logic

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Unify Capital Planning Goals with Financial Performance

Visualize spending to see CAPEX in a whole new light. Visualize effects of capital spending on financial goals and enable seamless communications among finance and capital planners with collaborative tools, scorecards and intuitive dashboards.

  • Speed up approvals using collaborative workflows
  • Display capital spending KPIs on dashboards
  • See impacts on cash flow with real-time data refresh
  • Align capital spending with balance sheet planning
  • Model capital projects with detailed CapEx drivers

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Capital Planning Resources

Happy Customers

CCH Tagetik's Capital Planning is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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We do capital purchases for the year in CCH Tagetik and it's great because the actuals always come through. We update our actuals every twenty minutes, so we have very up-to-date data that our IT department can use to forecast or budget for the rest of the year.

Julian Ciku
System Specialist at The Rockefeller Group

We can now look at financial data in conjunction with non-financial data. For a house builder what's important to us is plots sold, all land bank, land security, sales security for the rest of the year. Now, we can align those different measures along with our income statement and our cash flow statement to get the full picture of what's happened in the business. It's made my life much easier.

Jonathan Cushing
Group Financial Accountant at Keepmoat

Processes such as consolidated capital budgeting and three-year planning for a global group are highly complex – and through CCH Tagetik, we have experienced the value of managing them in a unified solution first hand.

Pierpaolo Crovetti
CIO at Brembo SPA Group