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CPM Solutions for Healthcare

Drive Efficiencies. Reduce Costs. Improve Patient Outcomes.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik for Healthcare lets you focus on your business

Use Patient-level Details to Uncover Hidden Insights

Whether you need to analyze care units, day surgery costs, or payers, or determine how much insurance companies will reimburse patients, CCH Tagetik enables you to use patient-level details to uncover hidden insights and produce more accurate forecasts.

  • See the effects of HR changes on wards and offices
  • Analyze detail-level costs like physician or care unit
  • Simplify reimbursement modelling
  • Model operational drivers using patient details
  • Real-time monitoring of healthcare industry KPIs

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Ensure Value-based Patient Care

Identify your true costs to optimize funding. Use our allocation engine, driver-based models, and activity-based costing to create detailed budgets by analyzing operational drivers like outpatient care revenue or cost per hospital bed.

  • Library of healthcare specific drivers
  • Analysis of new HMO programs and capital requests
  • Track employee-level details like salary and sick leave
  • Alerts for actual-to-budget variance thresholds
  • Easy compliance with integrated reporting

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CPM Solutions for Healthcare Resources

Happy Customers

CCH Tagetik's CPM Solutions for Healthcare is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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“CCH Tagetik has reduced some of the issues we’ve had in the past when nobody could remember who or why changes were made. This has been especially beneficial to me because in February, a VP called asking me why an expense was eliminated from the budget and I was able to find out that it was the same VP that removed the expense. It was a quick call.”

John Torley
Financial Manager at Hunterdon Healthcare

“Ambea is driven by a growth strategy through both organic growth and acquisitions. It’s crucial for Am-bea to have a statutory and management consolidation solution in place that the
Finance team can maintain to support growth.
Our financial ownership structure changes continuously and CCH Tagetik has provided us with a solution that’s flexible.”

Daniel Warnholtz
CFO at Ambea Group

“CCH Tagetik has taken us out of Excel. It’s a tool that we can all use and it maintains our data integrity. Now, we feel really good about the data we're presenting and its accuracy. CCH Tagetik has centralized all our different data sources together into a single tool. It acts as one place where we can find all our metrics to measure the health of the business.”

Aldo Basha
Associate Finance Manager at Medline Industries