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Spanish Consolidation Starter Pack by CPM Matters

Meet Spain’s PGC and NOFCAC criteria for consolidated financial statements and corporate tax returns

3 reasons why Spanish Consolidation Starter Pack from CPM Matters’ lets you focus on business

Financial Statements follow PGC and NOFCAC requirement

PGC and NOFCAC Compliant Financial Statements

The CPMM Spanish Consolidation Starter Kit has all the benefits of CCH Tagetik — customized specifically for Spanish users.

  • Reduce the time to go live from months to weeks
  • Cut costs thanks to empowerment of finance teams
  • Compliance for future-added functionality
  • Automatic and traceable financial consolidation
  • Normative support from CPM Matters

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The Contribution Report depicts by entity and adjustment type

Depict by Entity and Adjustment Type On Contribution Reports

CPMM Spanish Consolidation Starter Pack’s specific raison d’être is complemented by some significant functional capabilities.

  • Pre-defined, compliant corporate chart of accounts
  • Automated data loading and mapping
  • Basic reports are ready for filing
  • Use the do-it-yourself guidance option to save cost
  • Typical adjustments pre-configured

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Other information

Release Date: September, 2018

Product Version: 1.1

Languages: Spanish and English

Targeted Job Function: Accounting

Industry: Any company under the Spanish “Registro Mercantil” supervision