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solutions for Financial Planners & Analysts

How confident are you with the numbers?

Sure, budgeting, planning, modeling and forecasting are critical processes for financial planners and analysts. Understanding all the underlying systems - across all the lines of business - while relying on a myriad of spreadsheets, outdated tools or IT resources can feel like mission impossible.


Luckily, there’s CCH Tagetik. Our solutions for financial planners and analysts makes the impossible, possible. Go ahead. Modernize your legacy tools, declare independence from IT, and see how CCH Tagetik can simplify your budgeting, planning, modeling and forecasting.

Financial Planners & Analyst



Modernize legacy technologies and toolsets that don’t meet current business requirements


Orchestrate financial planning from the top-down, bottom-up, driver-based, functional lines of business, matrix - you choose


Accelerate the process through comprehensive workflow and packaged financial intelligence

Reduce TCO

Reduce TCO by leveraging existing technology, skill sets and a single solution that supports all CPM processes

Generate insights

Generate insights, not more spreadsheets or data entry, to support better decision-making across the company

Improve data governance

Improve data governance, compliance and transparency with detailed audit logs for complete transparency and traceability

With CCH Tagetik, financial planners and analysts gain a unified approach to Corporate Performance Management

Modernize planning, budgeting, modeling & forecasting

Simplify disparate budgeting and planning processes company-wide using one solution. Generate value by spending time modeling, analyzing variances, generating rolling forecasts, modeling cash flows and producing insights that impact financial performance.
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The devil’s in the details

Don't spend time mired in data entry and updates. When you use one solution for CPM, you simplify disparate budgeting and planning processes and generate value by analyzing variances, generating rolling forecasts, modeling cash flows and producing business insights that positively impact financial performance.

Model cash flow, capacity, costs, margins, profitability, your heart out

CCH Tagetik’s business modeling tools provide you with decision support for costing, production, cash flow modeling and forecasting. Evaluate the impact of changes to interest, exchange rates, bad debt or tax structures, which can be directly input to plans, budgets and forecasts.

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Eliminate guesswork and (mis)assumptions among contributors

CCH Tagetik gives you collaboration and communication capabilities such as email, notifications, alerts, comments and ability to share documents, versions, deadlines, workflows and status within the application. There’s no need for guesswork or interpretation when you can communicate with peers directly.

Stop manually entering data and verifying its accuracy

Antiquated CPM tools take time, energy and your budget - for little return. Give up 90-95% of the time spent interacting with spreadsheets and get accuracy and basic data entry in return. With CCH Tagetik, focus on insights and analysis, instead of manual tasks.

A picture tells a thousand words

For the lines of business, a picture is more intuitive than a thousand line spreadsheet or pivot table. CCH Tagetik makes it easy for non-financial managers to create interactive dashboards, visualizations, ad hoc reports and other analytics for most effective views into actionable insights.

Ready for the annual budget book?

CCH Tagetik allows you to break documents into sections and assign them to specific contributors, manage the iterations, review cycles and approvals with automated workflow, link directly to the financial information, statements and reports, and automatically highlight changes when data is updated.  
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Low switching costs and minimal learning curve

CCH Tagetik’s team of consultants have years of experience in finance and in implementing the system. Working with you, they implement the solution without disrupting your existing processes. With open architecture, CCH Tagetik can integrate with any existing database or application, decreasing the TCO of your current investments and maximizing your intelligence. Whether deployed on-premises or on the cloud, an intuitive Microsoft Office based and finance-friendly user experience minimizes the learning curve of new users.

CCH Tagetik Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


Budgeting, Analytics Reporting, Management Consolidation, Business Data Integrator

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Budgeting, Planning & Forecast

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Budgeting, Forecasting and Cash Flow Planning

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Closing, Budgeting, Forecasting, Cash Flow Planning


Consolidation, Reporting, Cash Flow Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

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Budgeting & Forecasting, Group Planning, Cash Flow Planning, Consolidation, Reporting

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Agile finance functions need adaptable planning, budgeting and forecasting (PBF) systems. This webinar will discuss how a unified PBF system in the cloud, developed from the outset with an enhanced user-experience in mind, boosted The Rockefeller Foundation’s productivity and gave one finance function the independence it needed to be the ‘master of its own destiny’ while meeting the demanding and granular requirements of Human Capital and Salary Planning.

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