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How confident are you with the numbers?

Are you confident in the numbers and narrative contained in executive reports and your board book? CCH Tagetik board of directors software instills greater confidence & trust among the leadership team and the board of directors. 


Our board financial reporting software takes numbers from a centralized source to ensure data integrity. It helps you manage the close-to-disclosure process and makes it easier to generate a ‘single version of the truth’ dataset for management, external, regulatory & collaborative reports you can review via email, online, in a hardcopy or on a mobile device. 

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Simplify the process of producing executive reports and board books

Reduce errors

Reduce errors by automating manual updates or data entry

Confidence in the numbers

Confidence in the numbers and narrative by using a single data source

Full visibility

Full visibility, traceability, collaboration and accountability from start to finish


Real-time, dynamic updates across all financial, management, statutory, and disclosure reports

Any format publishing

Any format publishing for viewing online, on a mobile device or on hard copy

With CCH Tagetik, Board of directors gain a unified approach to Corporate Performance Management

Simplify the process of producing board books and executive reports

CCH Tagetik’s unified CPM solution streamlines the close-to-disclosure process and results in a faster close through automated financial and management reporting. No more disparate systems, processes or procedures – now, confidently produce reports and get financial results for the Board of Directors.

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Reduce errors by automating manual updates and data entry

In rushing to close the books and generate financial reports, the risk of error increases with each manual update. CCH Tagetik automates report creation and reduces the risk of error by dynamically updating changes across all financial, management, statutory and disclosure reports in real-time.

Full visibility, traceability, collaboration and accountability

Multiple contributors can work simultaneously on the same document with full security, governance, and a  detailed audit trail of all changes. PDF, PPT, XBRL, XML, HTML or Microsoft SharePoint template, whatever your desired output format, CCH Tagetik provides full traceability for completely auditable reports.

Confidence in the numbers and narrative

With CCH Tagetik, you can be sure everything is up-to-date. From the line of business manager, to the executive leadership team and up to the board of directors, the numbers are consistent and fully traceable because they come from the same central data source. 
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CCH Tagetik Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

Unicredit Group

Budgeting, Disclosure Management, Regulatory,Reporting, Dashboarding,Analysis

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Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Cash Flow Planning, Sales Application

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Raiffeisen international bank

Consolidation of budget data, Budgeting & Plannin

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Solvency II, Disclosure Management, Consolidation, Reporting, Data Collection


Financial Consolidation, Reporting

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Balance Sheet Movements & P&L Analysis, Consolidation, Annual Reporting, Budgeting and year-end Forecasting


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Automated & Validated: The New Era of Board Reporting at GE Capital

This webinar discusses how GE Capital utilized CCH Tagetik CDM to implement a standardized & automated reporting process that yielded internal benefits and satisfied federal requirements.

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