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Financial Management Solution for Professional Services

Professional services firm performance hinges on complex analysis of projects, people, rates, hours and clients. Automated financial solutions for professional services can streamline this historically manual process & make identifying revenue drivers easier. 

CCH Tagetik unified professional service budgeting and forecasting software uses driver-based planning, templates & trusted financial intelligence to automate your financial process management - from consolidation & close to planning, forecasting, and reporting. 

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Tagetik Cloud for Healthcare Benefits


Single Version of the Truth

Universal access to real-time, single sourced data ensures consistency across plans, models and reports

Simplify Budgeting & Planning

Simplify budgeting and planning by consolidating strategic, firm and project level planning in a single application

Model Key Drivers

Model key drivers like first/last name, position, headcount, hours worked, partner fees

Improve Cost Analysis

Analyzing direct and indirect costs and the impact of different business scenarios

Easy to Use

At the click of a button, see pertinent performance metrics, complete reports and calculate figures for on-the-fly analysis

Profitability Insights

Dive into data in order to allocate employees and resources for maximum efficiency and strategic future action


Matter, Employee and HR Planning

Estimate a practice group or service unit’s profitability by determining resource related expenses. Allocate employees to projects while planning, tracking and analyzing activities. Conduct case assessments to see hours budgeted, revenue realization, rate, profits, matter structure and more. 

Driver-Based Planning and Analysis

With CCH Tagetik’s use of in-memory technology and ETL, vast amounts of data can be drilled quickly and according to any driver. Uncover insights like realized revenue in opposition to unearned revenue or managing assumptions by office and position.

All Other Types of Planning

Whether planning fee income, expense, salary, do it all in CCH Tagetik using industry and planning specific drivers, like new hire or hours billed to clients. 

Reporting and Analysis

CCH Tagetik expedites the reporting process with templates built for IFRS, US GAAP and management reporting. In a click, instantly report on cash flow, organic growth, budget variance and monthly trends. A single version of data ensures that one truth is shown every where figures appear.

Scenario Analysis

Use driver-based modelling to project patterns, estimate alternative billing rates or see how assumptions affect the revenue plan. Pre-seed data and analyze scenarios according to varying drivers like: headcount, hours worked, partner fees. Aggregate data to see impacts to the balance sheet or P&L.

Unified Corporate Performance Management

Unify and automate historically fragmented and manual financial management processes. Using CCH Tagetik’s modernized solution,  automate and prioritize performance management enterprise-wide. Purpose-built for finance, but optimized for non-financial users, CCH Tagetik is available on the Cloud, on-premise and your mobile device.

Projected Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

Using CCH Tagetik’s integrated data model, view how the future will trend. Get the ability to automatically calculate relevant currency translation, perform intercompany eliminations and consolidate equity effects. With automated data, create an indirect cash flow statement at the click of a button. 

Strategic Planning & Forecasting

Using CCH Tagetik's unified budgeting, planning, forecasting and modeling solution, align business plans with operational budgets, eliminate manual data entry and effortlessly generate periodic and rolling forecasts. Complete the strategic plan and annual budget faster and more accurately using a single source of financials that automatically update.


Rabo Bouwfonds Communication Infrastructure Fund

Consolidation, CDM

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KPMG Greece

Budgeting, Profitability Analysis, Consolidation, Reporting

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Randstad Group

Consolidation, Reporting, Cash Flow Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

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Bristol Bay

Consolidation & Reporting (phase 1) Budgeting & Forecasting, Cash Flow & Analytics

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Budgeting, Consolidation, CDM

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Royal Haskoning DHV

Consolidation, Budgeting, Forecasting, Annual & Management Reporting

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Explore how moving to a unified consolidation environment in the cloud has enabled the Arena Group to improve the dependability and speed of financial reporting, liberate time for analysis and decision-making as well as providing the agility to support the group’s ambitious global expansion.

Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN & Leader of the Modern Finance Forum for CFOs, will interview Paul Littlechild, Group Financial Controller, Arena Group on this topic.

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