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Financial Management Solutions for CPG

Win the fierce battle for the consumer

You battle to win market share and premium shelf space. It’s critical that your CPG finance teams know true costs, can model business scenarios & draw production plans that match resources to the right SKU, at the right time. 

CCH Tagetik financial solutions for CPG give you critical insights with fully integrated cost, capital, capacity, and cash flow controls & reporting. You gain the power to manage, measure, and model while lowering production costs!

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Gain insights

Gain insights into project planning parameters such as work in progress, invested capital and cash flow

Easily explore predictive models

Easily explore predictive models to see potential effects on the bottom line and cash flow

Deliver on strategic goals

Deliver on strategic goals by tracking and measuring performance across the business, then implementing tactics

Get immediate impact analysis

Get immediate impact analysis on the P&L for currency fluctuations and 
exchange rates

Gain cost/benefit intelligence

Gain cost/benefit intelligence by analyzing the impact of promotional campaigns and margin contribution by campaign and product

Reduce operational costs

Reduce operational costs by integrating systems and reduce the cost of business planning

CCH Tagetik's unified performance management solution for the CPG industry delivers

Integrated Business Planning

Create operational models and play ‘what-if’ scenarios to optimize costs, margins and profitability. Integrate sales forecasts and operational plans with financial goals and corporate objectives. Dynamically update financial plans, budgets and forecasts in a single enterprise planning solution.

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Business & Operational Modeling

Play out changing operational conditions by modeling scenarios and testing business drivers on the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow so you can understand the full business impact of outcomes. Then, assess your results easily by comparing results visually side-by-side and reviewing highlighted variances.

Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting

With so many distribution channels, production lines, suppliers and expenses, you need to know the cash in/cash out impact of budget line items in real-time. CCH Tagetik instantly updates cash flow plans and forecasts so that you can assess the net business impact and respond with action, faster. 

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Sales and Operations Planning

Drill down to a single bill of materials. Use built-in MRP logic to support sales and operational planning based on profits and cash flow. With these tools and more, respond to changes in volume, mix, input costs, sources and prices faster,  no custom coding required. 

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Project Planning

Empower users to add and manage their own projects. Load, enter or assign work without burdening system administrators. Model and manage projects, optimize costs and capital structures and see how changes affect the P&L, cash flow and balance sheet.

Annual Plans & Rolling Forecasts

Adapt to market conditions and reforecast based on current performance and future expectations. CCH Tagetik stores real-time actuals and historical data, plus planning and budgeting data, so you can quickly forecast across fiscal years and develop periodic and rolling forecasts easily.

Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis

Allocate direct, indirect and activity-based costs to any level of detail, including SKU or brand, to more accurately analyze profitability by product, segment, region and more. Using CCH Tagetik’s allocation engine for expenses and activities, gain insight into the products and brands that are impacting profitability and margin and how they’re doing it.

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Reporting & Analytics

Create custom reports, interactive dashboards, visualizations and pull ad hoc analytics without depending on IT. CCH Tagetik was built for ease-of-use. Contributors from any department or technical skillset have access to a reporting toolset that includes packaged reporting templates and self-service analysis.

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CCH Tagetik Software is trusted by leading companies in the CPG INDUSTRY


Monthly Management & Statutory Consolidation, Monthly Closing, CDM, Reporting

Continental Grain Company

Consolidation, Disclosure Management


Consolidation and Disclosure Manangement

Bolton Group

Budgeting, Planning, Closing, Reporting, Profitability


Consolidation, Reporting


Statutory Consolidation, Management Reporting, Budgeting and Planning


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Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN & Leader of the Modern Finance Forum for CFOs, will interview Stefano Castellani, Financial Reporting Analyst Scotch & Soda on the implementation of CCH Tagetik Budgeting & Forecasting Solution.

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