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Financial Management Solution for asset management

Making Performance One Less Asset You Have To Manage   

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a little certainty? While you keep tabs on the markets, investor profiles and ever-fluctuating investment portfolios, CCH Tagetik’s got your performance management covered. Unifying all financial processes - from close through disclosure - into a single solution, CCH Tagetik equips you with the financial intelligence to have a real time view of assets under management and understand the inner-workings of your portfolios.

With a finger to the pulse of performance, you’ll see how your KPIs affect your bottom line and how bottom line affects everything from HR to sales to capital spending. Consolidate, close, plan, forecast, report, all in a single solution.

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Tagetik Cloud for Healthcare Benefits


Unify Financial Processes

Get a comprehensive view of customer profitability and plan across different asset types in a single system

Improve Profitability

Understand how true costs and better allocate resources to profitable activities

360° View of Performance

Visualize and monitor performance data from all over the organization in real-time

Make Better Business Decisions

Play out financial impacts on HR, operations and sales impact finance decisions and vice versa

Model Cash Flow Scenarios

Understand the impact of different business scenarios by seeing their cash in/cash out impact on the balance sheet and P&L

Reduce Planning Cycle Time

Reduce the time it takes to create plans with automated data that updates in real-time


HR Planning

Identify HR gaps and promote efficiencies without sacrificing human power when you align finance, HR and operations. Pivot data by hours budgeted, revenue realization, rate, profits, matter structure and more in order to assess efficiency. Allocate employees to the most appropriate projects and portfolios while tracking and analyzing activities.

Driver-Based Planning and Analysis

Plan, forecast and play out what-if scenarios according to any driver. You can easily manage assumptions by office and position or measure unearned revenue against realized revenue so your decision making is more informed.

Scenario Analysis

With what-if scenario analysis you can see how your assumptions affect the revenue plan, alternative billing rates affect the P&L or play out different portfolio impacts on the balance sheet. Pre-seed data without altering the source according to fees or hours worked and then see the impacts on the P&L, balance sheet or cash flow statement.

Reporting and Analysis

Using the reporting templates in CCH Tagetik, in a click you can report according to IFRS, US GAAP, local GAAPs and management reports. Cash flow, organic growth, budget variance and monthly trends are calculated instantly with an automated single version of the truth across all financial processes.

Unified Corporate Performance Management

Automate your analysis of corporate performance with a single solution for close, consolidation, budgeting, planning, modelling and reporting. Increase your confidence with a single version of the truth across your entire enterprise. Optimized for non-finance users, fully collaborative, on cloud, on-premises or mobile, CCH Tagetik was purpose-built to handle the modern day needs of the Office-of-Finance.

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Planning

Planning your balance sheet is easy when you can set asset depreciation rules and calculate the depreciation plan of investments by asset class. Without custom coding, you can track balance sheet details and the details of each asset, from interest rate and maturity. When those details change, you see the long range impacts and can adjust for shifting rates while playing out results on the balance sheet.  

Plan for True Revenue and Automate Fees

Get a comprehensive view of customers, plan across assets and automate fees with customized accounting rules. Monitor assets under management , revenues and expenses in real-time. Automate calculations including bank deposits, mutual funds, cash and funds under discretionary management. Forecast AUM, revenue and expenses and compare variances to analyze business impacts.




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