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production capacity Planning

When you streamline production capacity planning, the effects run long: reduced planning cycle times, improved decision-making, controlled operations costs, enhanced financial performance, and more. 

CCH Tagetik production capacity software simplifies production planning by providing you with a unified capacity planning software solution that connects business objectives to resource requirements and eliminates the need to reconcile financial and operational plans. 

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production capacity Planning key capabilities include



Effective and efficient production is dependant on your understanding the costs of activities and their impacts on margins. In a single, unified Financial Performance Platform, CCH Tagetik allows you to understand the ins and outs of activity costs with the ability to drill down to the customer, project, product, and service level. You can easily allocate indirect, direct and activity based costs from there. 



Analyze production and plan for cost and resource efficiency. Assess profitability based on a detailed analysis of true costs. Create distribution waterfalls. Complete multi-step allocations across multiple dimensions. With a powerful allocation engine, you can allocate direct, indirect and activity-based costs down to the most granular level. 



Unify operational and financial manufacturing planning by maintaining a modular organizational structure that enables users to track, regulate, manage and monitor everything from product design, to shop floor control, to purchasing, and cash flow.



Whether it's single item manufacturing, batch production or mass production, optimize your supply chain, product line, staffing or inventory by modeling costs, capacity and other business drivers using real-time data.



With scorecards, dashboards, web reports and ad hoc analytics, CCH Tagetik enables agile business responses. Set real-time updates, alerts and notifications to be sent when things change. Receive notifications via email, the application or your mobile device. When you get the right information at the right time, you can instantly assess the scenario and take action. 



Automatically calculate and highlights variance in CCH Tagetik. Identify how scenarios, plans, forecasts, actuals, and operational drivers vary. Provide greater insights into the cost of a sale and the sourcing drivers that impact it. Reconcile operational and financial plans easily.

CCH Tagetik's production planning Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


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