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Consulting Services

Discover how our years of experience and financial knowledge can help you configure and implement CCH Tagetik to address the breadth of your business needs.

Implementation Methodology

At CCH Tagetik, our services team use a proven methodology] to implement the solution, so your transition to our modernized solution is seamless and stress-free. Built by finance for finance, CCH Tagetik has a proven track record of implementation expertise.

What sets us apart? Our commitment to our customers. We focus on meeting each customers unique business requirements and being a strategic partner to our customers. Our customers consistently rank us at the top of industry analyst customer satisfaction surveys due to this dedication. Our approach of teaming with a company and providing continual knowledge transfer ensures that your company is completely autonomous and can manage the solution independently for maximum productivity.

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Project Consulting

CCH Tagetik solutions are supported by an ecosystem of great partners and consultants who work to give you a successful and cost-effective implementation. Our consulting services capitalize on years of relevant experience and financial knowledge to help analyze, configure, and implement your software to optimally address your business needs.

Why CCH Tagetik Consulting?
  • Get Real-time Visibility with Intuitive Dashboards
  • Planning for every Industry and all your Departments
  • Utilize Unlimited Dimensions to Plan any way you need
  • Know your cash position with Direct Cash Flow Planning
  • Be more accurate with Rolling and Predictive Forecasts

Technical Consulting

Our technical team provides assistance during your software configuration and after the roll-out of CCH Tagetik. Technical consultants help you set up your technical environment in order to optimize the performance of your application.

You can expect to receive:
  • Hardware environment set-up
  • Installation
  • Test
  • Thorough testing and fine-tuning of technical architecture
  • Technical support throughout the project and post roll-out

Check-up Consulting

A CCH Tagetik ‘Check-up’ is when your consulting team assesses the current status of your application, and then evaluates options to improve its performance. These check-ups are done during your implementation and on a continuing basis.

CCH Tagetik check-ups:
  • Maximize your ROI with your existing application
  • Fine-tune your infrastructure to improve performance
  • Keep you updated on new upgrades and migration plans
  • Let you voice additional needs: What do you wish you had? CCH Tagetik consultants will make it happen!