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Winning Together with CCH Tagetik!

Hear from Partners and learn why they have ranked CCH Tagetik as the top player for strategic partnerships in the performance management market.


I think that the thing that stands out most for the CCH Tagetik tool is the fact that it is a finance tool for finance people, so we say that lot and we hear it a lot with other vendors, but in this instance, it feels like it really is the case, there's no rounds of configuration, programming … that sort of stuff.We can summarize CCH Tagetik as a very modern platform, combining different needs forthe Finance, not just the CFO, but Finance globally.We see CCH Tagetik evolving as a leader in the Performance Management area, not just in financial performance management but also in operational performance management and with the evolving role of the CFO to a digital CFO, we see different aspects, different behavior of the CFO and also different needs in terms of data and analytics and we see CCH Tagetik as a leading player in that market.CCH Tagetik has modern technology, an integrated approachand they focus on the group controlling and consolidation in an integrated environment.

Beside the technologythere's a great support for the clients in place.

One thing that sets the product aside from other products is that it is a platformthat supports all the CPM processes in an enterprise and so we're not talking about a pillar solution, one solution for eachtask and process, but it allows really to have one seamless platform and therefore the efficiency and the speed ofgoing through the processes in the CFO office … is unbeatable, actually.

To have an application with different functionalities: financial functionalities, workflow functionalities, business rules functionalities, reporting functionalitiesin the same application.

I think today it's the best solution.

CCH Tagetik manages to be better in almost every disciplineand so we can address very complex situations with the software, and this is what makes CCH Tagetik really, in our opinion,more convincing than any other solution.

I would say to someone who wants to become partner with CCH Tagetik, it's an amazing experience, it's a very collaborative experience, becauseyou have the people who walk with you very closely, you have the software which is one of the best in the CPM market today.CCH Tagetik is a very flexible, scalable software so we've managed to enlarge our scope of projects, from smaller groups to bigger groups,to provide them easy-to-implement functionality and so we were able to cover also the bigger projects in customers ….

it was a great decision for us.In my opinion it's the embedded intelligence and the predefined data model, which are able to reducethe complexity and elevate the user experience.

Definitely it comes back to this ability to integrate different processes within a single solution,because there are many products in the market that basically have different solutions for different processes, which gives you a scattered landscape, and I think that CCH Tagetik is one of the few that's really ableto integrate all those processes under a single front end, which is extremely powerful.

I think the most powerful thing about CCH Tagetikis its drive to be comprehensive, to tackle the complex, but also remains simple and easy to use and easy to understand.CCH Tagetik is a robust solution, has a very professional team and above all is fun to work with the people.For anyone considering to partner with CCH Tagetik I would say definitely don't hesitate, jump on board and welcome to the family.

It's an amazing collaborative experience to work with CCH Tagetik.We can only recommend CCH Tagetik as a partner, they've been a great partner to us.

It's a win-win situation.

It's the people: a great company to partner with.

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