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Smartphoto selects CCH Tagetik to go beyond Financials for better Finance insight.

Learn how CCH Tagetik consolidation & management reporting on the cloud has streamlined and simplified Smartphoto groups Finance functions allowing time for analysis and planning.


We are an E-commerce company, so we have a website for different countries.We used to have SAP BPC.

At that time, it was a very good system, but now it is outdated.CCH Tagetik is really focused on finance and reporting and also looking at the evolution of how CEOs and other stakeholders look at figures.That's a real benefit for us.

CCH Tagetik surprised me a lot because they were so flexible.

A lot was possiblewithout the help of external consultants.Our previous tool, OutlookSoft or BPC, was not user-friendly anymore.

Uploading data was much more labor-intensive.

We had to do a lot of clicking while running consolidationand running currency conversion.

Now, it's just one simple click.

Reports that came out of that system were not legible by people without a license.I like that we can modify the system ourselves.

There are a lot of resources online, which allows us to look for new features.The customer service is also very useful.

If you have a question, you don't necessarily need to go to a consultant or a technical person.

We can just pose the questionsand get the answer from CCH Tagetik.

Through the budgeting process, we can collaborate more with the business owners.

They can read the reports we send them when we receivethem.

And we can easily upload the reports into the system.

If there is a top-down question on a budget change, it's rather easy to apply it.

User-friendliness is one of the main benefits of CCH Tagetik.I would definitely recommend CCH Tagetik to other people looking for a similar solution.

I think it is one of the best on the market.

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