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RGP as Users and Partner take CCH Tagetik to market to deliver CPM processes in one unified solution.

RGP Selects CCH Tagetik as Partner and as their comprehensive solution to deliver CPM business processes.


CCH Tagetik offers a comprehensive platform for one of our key markets which is the office of finance and that is one of the big reasons why we've partnered with CCH Tagetik,it is a full suite, we understand all the functionality, our consultants really understand the technology and we think there is a good synergy between the platformand then our implementation team of expertise and methodologies wrapped around that.

So first of all RGP is actually a user of CCH Tagetik,so RGP does use CCH Tagetik to close its books, to do its budgeting, to do its reporting, so we have seen all the things that it has done for us internallyand understanding it at that level being able to take it to the market and give other departments, other office of finance organizations those capabilities is something thatdefinitely interests us.

CCH Tagetik stands out because it is a comprehensive platform, so it's not a pointed solution that's going to help with revenue recognition and thenbudgeting and then consolidation and you have to learn multiple interfaces, it is one unified platform, and from a company that offers experience, having a consultant or an individual learn one product and being able to use it for multiple business problems is essentialand key to quickly getting up and running and helping an organization implement and then get some gains from doing so.

However within each of the functional processes that are automated it does have a very strong allocation engine, very strong budgeting, very strong financial close,so even though it is a unified platform, each of the functional areas that it goes after, it does a very good job on.

Customers are having known thisfrom my days at CCH Tagetik have purchased CCH Tagetik for just one process or to automate multiple processes and again that's also very exciting coming from RGPbecause that means we can go to our clients, we can help them with one business problem and then overtime incrementally do more and more for them.I would say that it's a wise investment because again you are learning one platform where you are able to do multiplethings and then help your customers solve multiple business problems, and that's really key because in a business world that's moving so fast it's not possible to learn 5 or 10 products when you have one platform that really can address all those issues, and that's what I would tell any partner looking at this array of solutions, that I would pick a vendor that does more than just one pointed solution, that doesn't array of things and that's where really the value of CCH Tagetik is.

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