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Talking CCH Tagetik: 1 minute on Reporting Analytics with Valeant

Valeant considers using CCH Tagetik's collaborative platform for their reporting analytics and variance analysis is like driving a Ferrari. Learn why!


The benefits with Tagetik is to have one Platform Collaborative platform At one place And also a less Spending less Time on the manipulation of the data The unique process about Tagetik is to have the flexibility and the capability to drill down And To To do the variance analysis And to have the accurate information The reporting and analytics process that we are using at Valeant Canada Is the dashboard and the KPI It helps our leaders To make the right Decision In a timely matter The most thing that impressed me about Tagetik it's the people It's the availability of the people, they are really there to help us The biggest impact of this solution at Valeant Canada it like Driving a Ferrari instead of driving a normal car So for us the fact that driving a Ferrari it's the flexibility and the Speed of the information Yes of course I would recommend Tagetik To other customers

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