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2 min demo: Quick Data Loader

Learn how end users can speed up their modeling & forecasting by leveraging CCH Tagetik’s Quick Data Loader. Without any technical skillset, users can use a drag and drop window to map offline data directly into the corporate data model.


Quick Data Loader functionality in CCH Tagetik enables end users to easily and quickly load external information, like global assumptions and drivers right on the fly, to update plans in CCH Tagetik in real time.

Here's a quick example of a simple driver based data entry template where, based on those different assumptions and drivers such as 'Units per Work Day', CCH Tagetik's going to recalculate the number of units I need to sell and the subsequent revenue we'll receive, at the individual product lines.I can always key in my information for drivers or other statistical information, just by leveraging my keyboard and CCH Tagetik's going to show the impact of my plan right away, but potentially, as an end user, I don't want to manually enter this information for 'Units per Work Day', I actually want to load that on the fly.So I can go right through my CCH Tagetik work flow, and actually use the QDL functionality to load that information, rather than type it in manually.And one click away I can enable that functionality, select my file type and then choose the file that I want to upload, which in this case will be my import file located on my desktop.CCH Tagetik is going to give me a quick preview of my import layout, in terms of rows and columnsand then give me the ability to map those rows and columns into different business dimensions that make up CCH Tagetik's Data Model.

When it comes to my scenario, which is a bucket of data in CCH Tagetik, I can just grab that from a flat list like my 2017 budget, before my periods, I can actually just start dragging and dropping my month column coming from my import file to the period dimension of CCH Tagetik's Data Model.

Right away in real time you'll see that the exclamation mark's turn into a blue check mark, letting me know that everything has been synced up properly, and I can move onto my next set of mandatory information which will be my GL account.So I can repeat that exercise just by dragging and dropping, I can scroll trough in terms of all those mandatory sets of information, again just selecting in this case my transaction currency for US$, and I can complete my data upload by selecting the amounts and dropping them over to my amount field.As soon as I hit on run CCH Tagetik's going to enable that data processing, and also let me know that it is complete.

So now I can go in and actually take a look at my updated sales numbers, as we can see my 'Unit per Work Day' driver has been updated across all 12 months and subsequently CCH Tagetik recalculated my entire plan for the entire year.

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