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Q_PERIOR jumped at the chance to partner with CCH Tagetik, Learn why!

Q_PERIOR 's customers really enjoy using CCH Tagetik, they have implemented the solution quickly, achieved ROI rapidly and implemented additional features!


We decided to partner with CCH Tagetik for a variety of reasons but the principal one was that one of our major customers in Europe, they were using CCH Tagetik over the last couple of yearsand they had a very favorable response to the use from a business perspective and operations perspective, so when the opportunity came to North America to present that type of software to our customers we jumped at the chance to partner with CCH Tagetik.

They opens up a whole world for us, on one part the solution is available to be used by all of our customers, whether they are a global multinational or a small player within a certain region in the United States, everyone of our customers has the flexibility or the option of using part of CCH Tagetik solution and that for us is very encouraging, because it means that we can support customers across the broad marketplace.

The team from CCH Tagetik is exceptional, through the partnering process and also through the implementation projects that we've done,the team from our perspective but also the client perspective, has always been direct, attentive and very performance orientated, ensuring that the customers expectations and the requirements from a value perspective, are delivered as quickly and effectively as possible.

Customers really enjoy using this product, other products out thereolder in terms of their gestation period, CCH Tagetik takes advantage of say a modern approach to applications and what people are expecting their applications to do for them,and so from a usage perspective our customers like using the software, it's something that they like to test, it's something that they like to participate from a requirements perspectiveso it makes the whole evolutionary process of going from the sales to the implementation cycle very easy.

Our customers are being able to accomplish number of key things with implementation of CCH Tagetik, the principal thing is they've been able to implement the solution very quickly and achieve value that they desire in a rapid senseand in today's business world where money is precious in the sense of the capital required to implement these new solutions, they need to show returns investments very quickly.

The second thing is CCH Tagetik is easy to use, so we have a lot of customer user acceptance very quickly, so they're able in addition to monetarily receiving value from the product, they're also able to have their user community participate in use it in the most effective ways, what we find is that once they get very comfortable with,they're able to accelerate the application of additional features within the CCH Tagetik feature's set and therefore improve their use of the tool and its application to the business.The most powerful thing about CCH Tagetik is its user interface which is mostly a pleasure for most end users to use butthe thing that I found, having worked in the IT industry for a 20 plus years, is that it's not only a pleasure for end users, it it's also a pleasure for the people implementing it,we've noticed that a lot of very senior people from CCH Tagetik have come from other consulting firms or other software providers and have a lot of experience in the industry,they like using CCH Tagetik and the end users also like using CCH Tagetik, so it's a great opportunity to implement something with a high degree of success.

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