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Picard Surgelés speaks the same Budgeting & Consolidation language across all international entities with CCH Tagetik!

Listen to how Picard Surgelés have streamlined and automated their Budgeting, Sales Planning & Consolidation, modernizing and simplifying all processes with CCH Tagetik.


Picard Surgelés is a frozen food retailer in France.

We, currently, are the leader of the french food market with about 20% market shares.

We wereusing a lot of Excel, both for management reporting and statutory consolidation.

It was very difficult toreconciliate data from social to statutory consolidation, and also we had many problems with the newentities as we had a quick international growth … we had many unstructured data to put in Excel and, as you know, Excel is not really an audit tool.Cognos Planning was used for sales and salary budget for our stores.

So, there was a tool in place, but there were not willing to change.The first challenge was to replace exactly with the same form for the budget managers,but also we wanted that the whole budget process should be replaced, including the international entities.That was a big a challenge for us in our processes in order to unify all of them.The most important point is that we have the same language when you're speaking about budget … if you are a french people, international entity, commercial controller or financial controller … and that's very important for us … just having the same data structure in the same tool.

Actually we made our first budget in CCH Tagetik this year, so the financial team used it completely from commercialto financial data, and I think that we are working faster because we really knowwhere we want to go, because we use the same model for budgeting and actual data.We had to replace Cognos Planning for international analytics, because we use it only for international entities.

CCH Tagetikshowed us it could do the same as Cognos Planning and we really wanted to have the same processes for everybody ….

so currently we use it only for international entities and maybe in the future for France, also.There were two separate processes before: one for management reporting and the other one for statutory consolidation … both beginning fromsocial data to reporting, or to consolidation data and we really had an issuewith reconciliating the figures at each quarter.

The second issue was that the consolidation was made by two people only and it was not very easy to have an information when you needed it.

All was made on Excel and we didn't have time to put comments on figures … there was also a real problem ofauditing … What is important now for us is that we have only one workflow:we begin from the social one and then we have the management reporting and at the end the consolidation statutory and we don't have to manuallyenter the figures several times for each of the reports.We can now trust in our audited figures: we really feel confident if we have to open a new entity or do a report, we can find the figures and we can audit them….really it is more security for us.Yes, of course, I will recommend Tagetik to anyone.

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