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CCH Tagetik Novice Bootcamp - How to bring new resources up to speed in 2 weeks!

The Novice Bootcamp is an intensive 2 week on-boarding program designed to improve and speed up the on-boarding of new Implementers with little or no previous experiences in the CPM/EPM world.


The Novice Bootcamp is part of the Novice program which is an initiative that we have launched at the end of 2018.

The audience are newly hired that joined the Professional Services Group, that means freshly graduated, so people that are comingstraight away from the university or consultants with a previous experience but on different areas, so it's aimed for all these people that has very littleor no knowledge in the CPM area.

The goal of this bootcamp is to provide all the attendees the right skills and the right product knowledge so that as soon as they're back to their team and they start working on real projects they can be immediately effective and they can add value to what we deliver to our customers.

The CCH Tagetik Academy not only runs the Novice program but also runs other initiatives that works towards this goal, that is to improve continuously the knowledge of our Professional Services Group, that's why we have a full catalogue with a lot of classesthat the attendees of the Novice Bootcamp can take later on, or there is the continuous enablement initiatives thataims to deliver fresh content on an ongoing basis.

What I aspire to achieve is to provide my new colleagues with a path to learnand improve their skills in order to be very effective in their work.

10aThis Bootcamp is a chance for new people to get to know the company, get to know the softwarebut most of all it's not only about product and not only about projects, because what CCH Tagetik has in the DNA since I've been working for the companyis how people work together, the collaborative approach that we have in the company.

When we work it's not always work, work, work but it's also fun,meeting together, for this reason for example doing the Bootcamp we do also leisure activities, last week for example we went to an escape room and we did a team building activity, but everyone was really engaged because they were competing each other but they were helping each other in small teams.

They're going to do presentation together, they're going to simulate also work activities together.The take away for them when they came out from here is that they know how the company works but also how we teach people to work with each other, that's why we decided to have this intensive two-weeks bootcamp.

Regarding methodology what we decide to do is the blended approach, we call blended approach when we mix e-learning activities they've done before the bootcampthen project activities, simulation and also soft skills.

We try to give them a comprehensive overview of what are the skills that a consultant needs to haveto work with us.

My personal goal is to make them feel like I felt 15 years ago when I joined the company, a small company, a familiar company with a lot of talented people that help each other.

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