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KPMG France & CCH Tagetik share the same idea of Finance Function’s Digital Transformation

Listen to how KPMG France & CCH Tagetik share the same ideas of Finance Function’s Digital Transformation.


The partnership between CCH Tagetik and KPMG is fairly long-standing, about 10 years.

We share the same vision about the future of the finance function in the current evolving landscapeand the need to implement agile and flexible solutions which are able to reflect the transformations pace, taking into account all of the impacts coming from new digital technologiesand also considering how the new solution integrates with the existing infrastructure, especially in the banking sector where we're mainly focused, and that's where CCH Tagetik really helpsand why we work actively with them.

Personally, as an ex operational contributor, I think that CCH Tagetik meets all customers needs in terms offast implementation and ease of use.

The banking issues of our customers strongly depends on the solution they have in place on its robustness … and there are a lot of solutions and products in the marked, but what sets CCH Tagetik apart is the ability of thinking ahead, understanding what challenges are in front of the customers and giving feedback, with CCH Tagetik we clearly see where we are going both with the cloud proposition and the development of new functionalities of the software.

It's a solid product, it manages a lot of different processes while ensuring auditability and solving most of our banking customers problems.

Comparing to other vendors in the same space, CCH Tagetik also provides native modeling capabilities which help in standardizing the process and that's one of main benefits for our customers… The software is an integrated end-to-end solutionwhich covers all the CPM processes from data collecting to reporting through a native process driven financial intelligencethat helps in delivering accurate information and simplify the final output.

I think CCH Tagetik is one of the few solutions on the market to be comprehensive and flexible,to constantly develop new features, such as the drill down capability which enables users to access data at a very granular level beyond the EPM layer.Another key factor is the full integration with Excel which encourage the user's acceptance and allows, from our side, a better management of the replacement process.Moreover, CCH Tagetik provides banking companies with complete control of managing finance processes and producing auditable information, and therefore integrated in the solution … and as I said earlier it provides business modeling to instantly see the impact on the company performances and in my opinion is one of the main topics in banking sector at the moment.

So, one robust platform, easy to use,with a strong audit trail … that's what it is all about.

Using CCH Tagetik our customers are improving their overall vision of CPM processes, ensuring accuracy and security, as well as the speed of execution.We have a strong focus on modeling and with one of our customers we worked on a project to develop a good flow model for costs and transformation costs which could interact with the existent sources and be fully integrated within the CCH Tagetik solution.

The last powerful thing is the predictive analysis model starting directly in the tool from existing data and benchmark.

I believe that the real differentiator for our customers is the possibility to integrate different processes under a single product, so you don't need to have different products …The full integration with Microsoft Excel allows users to learn quickly since most of them are Excel-oriented, and accessing the software through a familiar interface makes users feel comfortable within the system … that's the big advantage to me.With regards to what is traditionally called BI, for example data visualization, CCH Tagetik perfectly integrates with the major tools in the market as well,and these features makes CCH Tagetik a global solution.

That is its strenght.

In addition the CCH Tagetik support teams are really well trained and capable to implement the solution our customers need in their own software environment, which means for us that the most of the projects are likely to end with success.

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