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2 min Demo: Employee Planning in Professional Services

Watch this video to learn how to best manage and budget for the most important asset in your professional services organization.


Employee Planning in Professional Services refers to the ability to estimate the profitability of a specific practice groupor services unit by properly estimating resource related expenses and the revenue level set resources contribute to.First step in the process is a proper assessment of our HR staff and needs, both at the location office level or maybe even at anyindividual practice group or services unit within any given location.

We will be able to estimate and plan at the individual first name/last name level,maybe even by applying transfers of employees from one location to another, but also we will have the ability to plan not only the first name/last name level, but also the position level by defining the number of headcounts or FTEs that will be required for each of the open available positions.

Once the expense side of our staff members has been taken care of, the next most logical step is to see how these positions contribute to our revenue plan.Through built-in driver base modeling, we will be able to project alternative revenue realization patterns and also leverage multiplemethodologies to estimate alternative billing rates assumptions by location that will affect our ultimate revenue plan.In fact, thanks to these drivers, we'll be able to pre-seed and analyze both at the individual first name/last name level but also at the position level,the number of headcounts, the number of hours worked, and also the number of hours billed, show to understand our profitability at the most granular level.

Of course it is always possible to consolidate and aggregate the data on the fly, for instance to take a look at the overall profitability for a specific region such as in this case, not only in terms of projected P&L, but also in terms of projected balance sheet and of course projected cash flow.

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